Some tips that might help

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to share a piece of advice that might be helpful to you all during your search - especially if you are not great at interviews like me.

    1) If given the opportunity, attend open houses or career fairs. I once attended an open house for a nursing home where the recruiter pretty much told the small group that they were not hiring new nurses. She then said that the new graduates may stay if they still wanted to interview with the nurse supervisors anyway or leave. Most of them left - but I was already there so I wanted my interview. About a month later, I received a call from the recruiter and asked if I was still interested in interviewing for a position. I think my willingness to stay and my attendance at the open house helped me score an interview. It also gave me some ideas of interview questions.

    3) If you have a camera phone, tape yourself practicing common interview questions and answers. I noticed that I was saying "umm" alot and fidgeting around in my seat.

    4) After each interview, write down the questions that the interviewer asked you. This way you can practice the for next time - especially ones that got you twisted up. You will start to recognize patterns of questions asked.

    5) I once read on a website that it takes 3-5 interviews to warm up. I thought this was very comforting words. Don't look at at past interviews as failures - but practice.

    6) Make a substantial list of questions to ask for when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. I usually make a list before hand. But, I once had an interviewer pretty much answer all of my questions during the interview by the time the interview was finished. So when she asked for questions, I was pretty stumped at that point! So, now, I am working on making a page long list of questions - just incase

    7) Practice like you did with NCLEX questions. Get a pack of index cards, write down interview questions, write out your answers on the back, and review them each day. Also role play them as well.

    8) Before you have your interview, give yourself a self-talk. Say to yourself, "This is nervousness. I will experience it right now. But then I will let it go." Or, "I will do good on this interview." Even if these things are not felt, saying them will help.

    Feel free to add some pointers to the thread!
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  3. by   BSNbeauty
    These are great suggestions.
  4. by   Paloma_Traviesa
    Very helpful. Thank you!
  5. by   Armygirl7
    Great suggestions! I had a similar experience of having all me prepared questions already answered in an interview - so when she asked me do you have any questions I said "Well I have to admit you answered all of my questions already!" And then I recapped a few things that I had been curious about and paraphrased how she had already answered them for me.
    Also - and this may sound crazy but there is evidence that it works - before going into the interview (even hours before) practice some power poses - like hands on hips, sitting up straight and taking up space etc. Apparently it puts you in a confident frame of mind and thus you exude competence and strength!

    Good luck everyone looking for work!!!
  6. by   eyesopen_mouthshut
    One thing that I learned while looking for jobs as a CNA was dress the part.
    When they call to schedule your interview, as if they prefer scrubs or business attire... I know, I know, common sense.. But you have no IDEA the kinds of outfits I've seen people show up to interviews in!
    Here is an idea for business attire, from The Perfect Interview Outfit - You can find tons of similar, great pieces at places like Target, Khol's, Wal-mart, and Good Will!
    If they prefer scrubs, I usually look around to see what color each sect of nurses wear (CNA- hunter green; LPN- ceil blue; RN- royal blue, etc). If I don't have anything that matches what they wear, I usually wear black, royal purple, or grey, all of which symbolize power and authority. I wear a pin with my certification (CNA), and make sure to have neutral makeup, my hair off of my face (buns are great, pony tails if they're pulled back, high, and polished... no wet hair!), and either nude or no nail-polish (clean those nails!!! No dirt or overly long nails, missy!)
    I've gotten most jobs I've applied for, even back when I had little to no experience.
    Also wear your best asset: YOUR SMILE!
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  7. by   Neisha_
    *In addition to being able to answer common interview questions, make sure you're knowledgeable about the hospital you're interviewing at (at least spend some time on their website), be able to give more than one reason why you'd like to work there, and definitely come armed with questions. Think of several before you go in, since your interviewer will probably answer some of them while explaining the position.

    *Ask about their magnet status if they have it and when they're up for reaccreditation, ask specifics about the orientation program, and ask your interviewer to describe the qualities of a successful candidate.

    *Do NOT ask what the position pays, or anything else about compensation or benefits in an initial interview.
  8. by   laceym
    I have been searching for my first RN job since March 28, 2013. I thought it would not be this hard due to me being bilingual in Spanish and having healthcare experience. WOW, what a reality check it has been. Sacramento is considered one of the most stressful places to live right now due to the economy and I am feeling it hard core. I have looked into hospitals, LTC, corrections, day centers, you name it. This post has really helped calm my nerves and my emotions. I thought getting through nursing school and the NCLEX would be hard, HA!
  9. by   Bhavana
    Appearances mean so much. Be dressed properly, be clean and well pressed. Look the part. You will be representing this place - think about how you would want people representing YOUR business to look.

    most important, be yourself! be friendly, be outgoing. be nice, be interested in the job, the company. many places hire people they like and figure that your personality is something you bring to the job - they can train you to do the work, but they can't train you to be a great person, a great asset to the company.
  10. by   Scarlettz
    Just another idea that came to mind for phone interviews.

    1) Dress as if you are going to a real interview- you will feel more professional and confident

    2) Do NOT walk around during the interview. I did this once and accidentally banged into a plate and made a loud sound. Sit upright as if you were in an interview.