Panel Interview Perioperative Residency Program HSS NYC

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    Hello.. so i have a panel interview coming up at hospital for special surgery for the Perioperative RN residency program…soo nervous can anyone give me any helpful feedback advice and or if anyone has been through this interview at HSS would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!
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    hi did u end up getting the job at hss??
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    Nurse Jelly,

    I hope you got the position. I have an interview this Monday for PACU nurse residency. I am nervous and excited. I am excited because I have always wanted to work at HSS. Then, im nervous because of the panel interview. I heard the program starts August 13th. However, I am surprised they don't have a set group of prospective nurse yet for the program. I am just grateful for this opportunity.

    For anyone else reading this link and have an interview at HSS--I wish you the very best, Knock dead, and claim it!!!!

    *** Whats Meant To Be-- Will Be***

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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you guys have any advice for the panel interviewing with HSS. Any information would be a great help!
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    Hi I am wondering about the panel interview for periop program. How long did it take for them to call you and what kinds if questions did they ask. I would appreciate any help. Thank you
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    Hi everyone, how were you able to apply to the residency program? I heard that they don't usually list the position on their website. Did you call or email the nurse recruiter about the position? thanks in advance!
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    Hi there,

    I was just reading everyone's previous posts on HSS panel interviews - I have one for the perioperative residency program this Friday and was wondering if anyone could give me more information as to what to expect - I'm a little nervous and one of my other interviews fell through this week and I'm already discouraged

    Any information would be super helpful!