Job offer.....finally!

  1. Got a job offer, going to accept it tomorrow. Wondering if I can get some advice. I need time off around Thanksgiving. I know I should inform her of this as soon as possible, but should I tell her tomorrow or wait until orientation??? Any advice would be much appreciated!!! THanks!
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  3. by   Gem0607
    Congratulations!!! I hope someone answers this for you I have the same question about time off when you're first hired.
  4. by   Despareux
    Tell them as soon as you possibly can. They will probably ask that you remind them when the time nears.
  5. by   CherylRNBSN
    Tell them of your plans soon, I wouldn't necessarily say you have to do it immediately, but in the first week or so. And be ready to work X-mas :-)

    It will probably come up naturally when they speak w you about scheduling.

    Congrats and good luck!
  6. by   RNcompassionate
    Hi all , can someone please share some info on this topic? I have already taken the online behavioral assessment test and then had my phone interview this past Monday which went well i think. The recruiter said she would forward my info to a manager and I would be contacted in a few weeks. I received an email last night saying ,

    "Thank you for your continued interest in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Though we are still currently reviewing applicants for the position you applied for we maintain interest in your candidacy and will be able to inform you of the status as soon as it is determined. We appreciate your patience and continued interest."

    Has anyone else received this email ? If so , did u still get called for an interview ? How long did it take to receive the call ?

    Thanks !