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  1. LCCrn4me

    Job offer.....finally!

    Got a job offer, going to accept it tomorrow. Wondering if I can get some advice. I need time off around Thanksgiving. I know I should inform her of this as soon as possible, but should I tell her tomorrow or wait until orientation??? Any advice would be much appreciated!!! THanks!
  2. LCCrn4me

    Great contact, but...

    Hi Everybody, I'm a December grad who has had no luck in obtaining employment at any of the local hospitals. I have an Aunt who worked for one the hospitals for 35 years and recently retired. I didn't want to play the family card, but out of frustration and a little desperation I asked her if she had any insight. She gave me the e-mail address to someone who works with the nurse residency program there (unfortunately they are no longer interviewing December grads ). So, long story short, I have this great contact, but no clue what to ask her. I want to say that I have applied for several positions with no luck and was really hoping she could be my "in", but that isn't very professional. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. LCCrn4me

    LCC ADN program....anyone get in first time applying?

    I got in the first time, but i know they have changed the point system quite a bit since then. Good luck!
  4. LCCrn4me

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Keep your head up... you may still have a shot at the p.t. program! Like I said, I knew someone that got in w/ 72. Stay positive!!!
  5. LCCrn4me

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Also, as far as getting into the Part-time program, I'm sure you will do fine with 80 points. I had 80 points and I got into the Full-time program. I know there are not as many applicants for the part-time. I knew someone that got into the part-time w/ 72 points. I also think that they offered seats in the part-time program to students that wouldn't get into the full-time program (due to points) or those that were on the wiating list. Hope that helps a little bit. Let me know if you have more questions!
  6. LCCrn4me

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Pretty sure it was the 1st week in June! Good Luck!!!
  7. LCCrn4me

    PCT program at LCC anyone?

    I did. It's not hard, at least it wasn't for me, but I know a few people that struggled with it. It's just the basics how to give a bed bath, how to make a bed, warning signs that the patient might be developing a pressure ulcer, how to asses vital signs, etc. Let me know if you have specific questions and I will be more than happy to answer them for you!
  8. LCCrn4me

    Michigan Nursing Scholarship

    Did you try the state of MI website? They usually have info on it. Or ask your advisor or Financial Aid office at your school. I'm sure they will know as well. I was really looking forward to getting it for the upcoming school year. Good luck!
  9. LCCrn4me

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Thanks! I have a BS from State and I don't think I have ever had this much work! I felt liek the pre-reqs were more like HS classes. This is definately a full blown college class. My fiance is in Law school and I pretty much have just as much work as he does! He keeps saying welcome to grad school whenever I complain, and that's how it feels. It's a lot of reading, studying, etc. The first class NURS 150 is like 4 classes built into 1. I think you only pay for it as a 9 credit class, but it feels like you are taking 16 credits. There is Fundamentals lecture, Skills Lab, PA lab, Med. math & Med. term, and Clinicals. I would highly suggest getting med. term out of the way this summer if you haven't already. Its one less thing to worry about in the program, believe me, you'll have enough to worry about. Do yourself a favor and try to find your books on-line, otherwise it's $500 + just for the required texts! I think I spent half that!:) I am currently working about 20hrs/ wk and they recommend you don't work more than 15, if at all. The teachers are all very nice, at least the ones that I have met. We don't start clinicals until the middle of Feb. so I don't know much about them yet, but I have been told by people in the program as well as some of the faculty that you will have a lot of work before and after the first day of clinicals each week (like 6-8 hours of work). I had 80 points when I applied. I wanna say that you will be ok, but they also told me that I would get into the accelerated program with 50, which wasn't the case. It all depends on how many points everyone has. I must say though, I'm glad that I'm in the traditional and not the accelerated. Kudos to those who have gotten through that program. Hopefully I haven't freaked you out too much, but yes, when they say it's hard...they aren't joking! Hopefully I have given you a good idea of what to expect. Good luck on getting in. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help!
  10. LCCrn4me

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    I just started LCC's traditional program this January. Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have!:)
  11. LCCrn4me

    LCC Spring 2010

    Hi Everybody, just trying to see if anyone is starting LCC's Nursing program in the spring! Figured it can't hurt to make some new friends and get people together for possible study groups/car pools if interested. Thanks, and hopefully I will see you soon!:spin:
  12. LCCrn4me

    MSU or LCC?

    AnnaN5, where are you doing the bridge program? I'm probably going to get my MSN and was wondering where they have bridge programs like that. Thanks!
  13. LCCrn4me

    MSU or LCC?

    I applied to both programs as I also have a Bachelors degree. What is your GPA, any work experience, volunteer? Both programs are extremely competetive. I was fortunate enought to get into LCC's traditional program, and didn't have enough points to get into the accelerated program (the cut-off has been 45 for the last 3 years, it jumped to 52 this year). I applied to both of MSU's Nursing programs for 3 years and never got in. I have a 3.0 GPA, but my science GPA is a 3.5, I have a year of volunteer service at Sparrow Hospital, and have leadership and management experience. That was not enough to get into either of MSU's programs. I would rather have gotten a BSN, but I look at it this way, LCC has a better program, it's cheaper, and both Sparrow and Ingham pay the same whether you have a BSN or ADN and they will pay for you to get your BSN. So in my opinion, LCC is a better deal. I know a lot of people that work at Sparrow, including family, and they all say that LCC nursing students will get hired over MSU students because they have more clinical experience that MSU students. I hope this helps, I've been going through this process for quite sometime, if you have any questions, you can send me a message. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  14. LCCrn4me

    Appealing Financial Aid Denial

    I'm at LCC and have the same problem. Have a BS and am going back for my ADN. You would think they would notice these things, but we are dealing with the federal government here. LCC said it would take about 4 weeks to process the application. Hopefully sooner.
  15. LCCrn4me

    LCC Accelerated Nursing Program

    I too was told that I shouldn't have a problem getting in with 50. The probem is that all the people who don't get admitted go out and retake all the courses to get better grades, which means more points, and raise the point cutoff. There are also a lot of people that have work experience that get a lot of points. Unfortunately now with the economy in Michigan no one can find jobs at hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I got my CNA so I could get experience and no one is hiring. I'm glad that people convinced me to apply to the traditional program or I would have to wait another year (that would make it 4 years i've been trying). I really wanted to get into the accelerated program though. Well, I keep my fingers crossed for everybody that's an alternate. Any to anybody that has to reapply again next year, or are still taking pre-reqs, let me know if I can be of any assistance. I will be more than happy to answer questions, or let you make copies of notes, etc.