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Interview but have vacation planned

  1. 0 Hi allnurses,
    I have a question regarding when it is the appropriate time to bring up a pre-planned vacation during the hiring process. I have an interview coming up for a PCT position that I really want! I currently work PRN but this new position is part time. I have planned and paid for a 1 week vacation this May, which wasn't a problem since I work PRN. I am not sure when I should bring this up to the Nurse Manager as I don't want to hinder my chances of getting hired. Are manager's generally accepting of pre-planned vacations? I hope I don't lose out on the money I already spent. Thank you for any helpful advice!
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    In this economy you need to decide which you want more.....the job or the vacation. I wouldn't mention it during the interview process unless you have already said it while working. But ultimately you may need to make a choice.
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    Usually once you are offered the job you can then begin to negotiate the terms of employment. At the point of an offer being made the employer is more invested in making things work with you. They have already made the decision that you are the one they want and unmaking that means more time, work and headache. Just like you will negotiate your pay, let them know about your vacation and ask if it can be accomodated. Know beforehand what you will do if they say no (meaning are you willing to turn down the job if they can't accomodate you). Usually though this is not an issue. Just be sure the vacation accomodation is in writing along with your offer of employment. Best of luck.
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    Thank you for your advice. I will obviously choose the job over the vacation I was just disappointed since I already paid for it. I will not mention anything during the interview (unless asked) and wait to see if I am offered the position. Thanks!
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    I would say like the above poster did...once you're hired just say, I have a preplanned PrePAYEDFOR plans the week of x in May, I understand it's a hard ship but is there any way it could work out? If they know you already put down money for it they might be more nice about it then if not.
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    Quote from MarieRandwood
    Thank you for your advice. I will obviously choose the job over the vacation I was just disappointed since I already paid for it. I will not mention anything during the interview (unless asked) and wait to see if I am offered the position. Thanks!
    Did you have travel insurance?? May is a couple months away, getr the job and negotiate later.
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    No insurance! Thanks for your help, hopefully I get this job!
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    No one can really fault you for taking a vacation that was planned and paid for months before an actual job offer. Don't mention anything during the interview. If you are hired, be honest and discuss it right away. Most decent employers will understand and work with you. If the employer decided to cancel the offer and you need the position, then forget about the vacation. Hopefully, you won't have to choose.
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    This is all great advice. I'm applying for new grad positions and have a honeymoon planed for august.
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    This situation just happened to me. I'm graduating in May and have a vacation already booked shortly afterwards. I recently interviewed for, and was offered a new grad position in the hospital where I currently work. Once I was offered the job, I mentioned to the manager that I have a trip planned on xxx dates, would this be a problem and if so how could we work it out. Even though it will be during my orientation, my manager said it would be fine. I plan to have this in writing when my official offer letter comes. Good luck, hope you get the job AND the vacation!
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    Oh wow, congratulations on your new job (and vacation)!!! I just interviewed today and the manager did not ask about needing time off in the near future so I did not mention anything. She said that HR would be contacting me for an official offer if I am the successful candidate. I guess I would have to just mention it to the manager once I accepted the position from HR. Thanks again!
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    Also, if you get the job and make the request for the vacation expect it to be an unpaid week off. If you even ask if you have vacation benefits it could change their mind about letting you go.