How long after interview did you receive job offer?

  1. I had an interview last Friday (May 4) and the clinical supervisor said I would be receiving a call today on whether or not I had the job or not. With my first job, I had a contract and I didn't even have a formal interview and got hired on the spot. So, I don't really know when,if at all,I should start to worry. I am sitting here looking at the clock & it is already 3:15 pm my time and all I can think about is that she will be leaving at 5:00. LOL. I am hoping that it is not unusual for them to say to expect a call and not to recive one the day they say?! Any suggestions/thoughts are welcomed!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Longest wait time was about 2 weeks...a week after the interview, I was called in for UDS references and background checks, which I was told they only do if they plan on offering you the job. Sure enough, when everything came back clear a week later, I got the offer.

    Shortest wait was 3 hours.
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  4. by   NurseCard
    Once I had to wait a full month and a half for a job offer. It was
    for a state facility; I think my application had to change hands
    quite a bit; had to go through a lot of hoops. Obviously I really
    wanted to work for this facility.

    I think the shortest wait for me has been about two days.

    Right now I'm STILL waiting for an offer from a job that I interviewed
    for a week ago yesterday, and that was a SECOND interview. I'm
    starting to think that I'm not going to get the job (I kinda
    thought it was a sure thing, for at least a couple of reasons).
    So I'm not holding my breath; I'm still searching in earnest.
  5. by   KelRN215
    I've waited as little as 2 days to as long as several weeks.
  6. by   Meriwhen
    I forgot to add that I once waited several weeks just to be rejected by letter.
  7. by   PediLove2147
    I was offered my first job on the spot. I waited 2 weeks for my current position, I thought for sure I had been passed over and started to look elsewhere.
  8. by   nursetabitha
    I waited 2 weeks after my first interview, then I got called back for another interview. They called to say I got the job 2 hours after I left the facility from the second interview. I think every job is different, and it also depends on how many applicants they have to go through.
  9. by   purplechicxiii
    For my first 2 job interviews, I got hired right on the spot. As I was currently looking for my new job in a different country now, my experience was: got rejected after 4 days and for the other job, I got rejected right on the spot. But I also got the offer for 2 other positions, but for the one I'm really eyeing right now is I got the offer after a day. I guess, it all depends on the institution and how many applicants their HR/Nursing office has on the moment. Also, how much they would really want/don't want you.
  10. by   SurrenderDorothy
    I was told by the nurse manager and doc that they loved me and everything was a go and to expect a call anytime from HR. It was about 5 days until HR called to officially offer me the job. In the past I've had offers the very next day or up to a week or so.
  11. by   applejacks36
    I am in the exact same position. I am a new BSN grad (graduated in Dec. 2011). I interviewed last Tuesday for a L&D internship position. I feel that the interview went really well. I interviewed with the nursing director and manager of the L&D unit. I was very prepared for the interview, and did my research on the hospital. The director had even mentioned that some of my responses were very good. She seemed impressed that I presented my nursing portfolio, and commented that I was very organized. Then, they took me on a detailed tour of the unit, and introduced me to many staff members. Before I left, the director said she should know something by Friday, 3 days after my interview. Before getting on the elevator she said she would most likely contact me before Friday, and if she didn't call me by noon on Friday, I should call her. Noon Friday came and went, and I heard nothing. So I called around 2 pm on Friday. I got her voicemail, and left a message that I was calling to follow up from our interview on Tuesday. It is now a week after my interview and I still have heard nothing. I'm wondering if I should call the director again, or just try to have a bit more patience in this process. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  12. by   purplechicxiii
    Yes you should call again to follow-up. It's tour right to know if you got the job or not. But before doing that, make sure that director didn't left you a message either on your voicemail,email, etc.

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  13. by   pinkish2282
    Hello, I recently applied to a job in NJ at OUr lady of Lourdes, I heard that NJ pays less than PA. Does anyone know what they are starting at in camden NJ, for weekend option.
  14. by   newsie
    I agree, call again to follow up. Dont think of it as being pushy think of the call as one more call they do not have to make. You are showing initiative.