A Few More Common Nursing Interview Questions (Part II) - page 4

I had previously written How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions which describes suggestions on how to respond to some of the most common nursing interview questions that a candidate might receive. Also, please... Read More

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    Quote from SoaringOwl
    Here's a bunch I was recently asked.

    Tell me about a time where you had to adapt to a change in the workplace over which you had no control.
    What was your least-favorite nursing class?
    Tell me about a time you had to find out more about a patient’s situation before treating the patient.
    Tell me about a time a patient complimented you.
    Tell me about a time you witnessed an unsafe situation. What did you do?
    Tell me about a a time a group member didn't pull their own weight. What did you do?
    Thank you for sharing these!

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