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I had previously written How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions which describes suggestions on how to respond to some of the most common nursing interview questions that a candidate might receive. Also, please... Read More

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    However, you're a man. Most interviewers in the nursing profession are middle-aged women with conservative viewpoints and idealistic (but unrealistic) standards regarding nurses. On a mental and socioemotional level, men and women operate very differently. You know the saying: "Men are from Mars; women are from Venus."
    See, now, I think there are more of us women who appreciate this sort of personality than you realize.

    I'm blunt, I'm low drama, and I don't particularly care what people think about me. I mean, I'd prefer that patients like me, but mainly because that means they are more likely to do what I ask them to do and not be difficult. I am definitely a Ron Swanson type of gal.

    So if someone came into an interview and said something like; "A weakness I can self identify is that I have a blunt, up front, low drama personality. I know this can come across to some patients and coworkers as uncaring, and I know most people expect their nurses to be touchy-feely types of people. I am not that person, but that doesn't mean I'm uncaring. I know, though, what my patients are expecting, and I have been working on my communication skills. I do care, and I have been working on showing it when I communicate with my coworkers and patients." I'd hire that person over the one who says her greatest weakness is that she cares too much. Barf.

    Nursing units have too many martyrs and too much estrogen as it is.
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    Thanks a lot for this article. I'm been a nurse for 10 years and 5 years ago I started working in USA. Now I'm in Germany and my only chance to get a job is in the military facilities. I did my first interview but I think I scared them with my English. English is my second language and some time when I am under stress it is very difficult for me to speak clearly. I am doing my homework and your article it is helping me a lot. I am working to do a better interview next time.
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    OMG this is tooooo funny! I have actually contemplated this exact scenario! I've even looked into "remodeled" vans and whatnot. And I totally planned on showering at the gym! Hmmmm now what to do about cable 3 nights a week? Satellite dish mounted to the roof of the van? hahaha... you do what you need to do when you're a new grad in this economy.
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    Quote from dsb_fam
    I was told by a hospital administrator that they had two make or break questions.

    1. What is critical thinking and give an example of a time you used critical thinking in relation to patient care.
    2. What is the vision for this hospital? (Obviously, one would have had to take the time to research this specific hospital and know what their vision statement is)
    I just interviewed for an OR nurse fellowship on Monday and I was asked the critical thinking question. I'm so glad I saw this thread last week because I was prepared with a good answer. I was also asked many of the interview questions from the "commonly asked questions" threads and felt like I did very well. Thanks for posting these!
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    Stacey30, do you remember what you said for the first critical thinking question? I think I have my answer but I guess I'm not really sure what they want to hear or what not :-)

    Any help from anyone else would be appreciated to the first question: What is critical thinking and give an example of a time you used critical thinking in relation to patient care?

    I know what critical thinking is, just more directed towards the example.

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    Sure do, I interviewed twice for the OR position that I applied for (which I got, by the way!) and both times I was asked this question! So I used two different examples.

    Example 1: I completed my preceptorship on a GI/Gynie surgical oncology unit and one of my patients was recently admitted to the floor from the PACU s/p lap hysterectomy. The PCT was completing 11pm vitals when she notified me that this patient's temperature was above normal limits. I retook her temp myself and got the same result. The surgical dressing was still intact so I wasn't able to assess the site for signs of infection, but I knew that elevated temp could be a sign of infection which is a complication of surgery so I contacted the physician. He gave orders for IV acetaminophen and I continued to monitor her overnight. Her temp was brought under control.

    Example 2: I worked for an agency that provided in-home personal care to seniors during nursing school, and I was given a new assignment for a client with several comorbidities. We specialized in Alzheimers/dementia care, but we provided only nonmedical care to clients. So when I began working with this client I read through the notes that other caregivers recorded on this client so I could get an idea of what her daily routine is (care was provided twice/day for three hours each, not continuously, so I couldn't get verbal reports). I noticed in the notes that this client had been incontinent of bowel and that her stools were observed as being loose, mucousy, and bloody and foul-smelling. Her daily weights showed she was rapidly losing weight and she was having multiple stools per day. I knew from nursing school that these symptoms sounded like ulcerative colitis so I contacted my agency to verify that they were aware of these symptoms and that she should be seen by a doctor. She did end up being diagnosed with UC and given the proper treatment.

    Hope that helps!
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    Awesome, thank you! And congratulations on the job
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    everything on this thread is great! definitely will help me during my interviews!
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    Here's a bunch I was recently asked.

    Tell me about a time where you had to adapt to a change in the workplace over which you had no control.
    What was your least-favorite nursing class?
    Tell me about a time you had to find out more about a patient’s situation before treating the patient.
    Tell me about a time a patient complimented you.
    Tell me about a time you witnessed an unsafe situation. What did you do?
    Tell me about a a time a group member didn't pull their own weight. What did you do?

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