Can I ask about male:female nurse ratio? Can I ask about male:female nurse ratio? | allnurses

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Can I ask about male:female nurse ratio?

  1. 0 Is it acceptable to ask what the male-female nurse ratio is on a floor at an interview?

    I prefer working with men. I know, I'm in the wrong profession. But I grew up with four brothers and guy friends and I just think it eases the tension. I can and have worked with all women, its just my preference to work with both.

    Do you think that is a reasonable question to ask a nurse manager, or should I not bother?
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    I think that's a rather odd question to ask and may get your potential employer wondering. Nursing is predominantly female even though there are more males entering the profession. I work on a PCU and there are only three male nurses - one who works days, the other two work nights. It seems like most of the males work in ICU or ER, at least where I work.
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    I believe that male nurses make up less than 10% of the nursing population, and I agree with turnforthenurseRN about their chosen fields. But I believe it would be unprofessional to ask about this...
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    I agree--it is a very odd question that in no way (IMO) could come off well when being asked. I would not ask it.

    Though if you really want to work with male nurses, come to psych. We seem to attract a lot of guys to the field. In fact, there have been more than a few instances where I've been the only female staff member--nurse or otherwise--on the unit.
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    Don't ask. I understand what your saying but it will just look like your difficult to get along with
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    I wouldn't ask. Use your powers of observation.
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    Thanks, totally see what you are saying