1st Interview ... and I screwed up

  1. I got my very first interview after sending out tons and tons of resumes and i bombed it. My interviewer didn't ask any questions, left alot of silences, during interview I got so flustered that I forgot to sell myself, my strong points... AND even messed up on a drug name Acyclovir (Zovirax) and thought it was an antiviral (aids drug). There was a surprise drug test in there along with a math test .. i'm sitting there freaking out trying to recall what the conversion was between a grain (gr) and mg. Then forgot to think about drug names to figure out the answer.

    Interveiwer said she'll keep my resume & application as they're waiting for approval to hire people. So ... I guess that's it. Sigh I'm so disappointed in myself ... to work so hard for an interview only to bomb it.

    Anyways lesson learned next time I'm showing up with a check list of info: resume, name of firm, mission statement, key people names, my reference list, addresses of all places i worked at and went to school, copy of my RN license and all certifications and studying drugs way ahead of time.

    What are we suppose to do if interviewer doesn't ask questions?
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    I've read that the silences are planned.. to see how you react to the pressure.
    Supposed to sit in the silence with a fat ,dumb and happy look on your face. I imagine it would be alright to prompt a question after the silence got excruciating.
    Don't be 100 % convinced you didn't get it though, I've had interviews I thought went well and never heard from them.

    You never know in that awful situation known as ....interviewing and getting hired.
    Good luck , keep us posted.
  4. by   Gem0607
    I have no idea what to think about my interview either. They were very verbal and nonverbal after I answered the questions saying good answer or good job as well as smiling and nodding. There were also a few fellow Alumni on the panel as well.
  5. by   Inori
    thanks for your replies. heh i will still follow up and treat it as if i did awesome lol and continue the search
  6. by   CherylRNBSN
    I don't think you bombed! I think anyone interviewing you who failed to ask questions made it very difficult for you.

    But consider this valuable experience, not a "bomb". Next time, just be prepared to TELL THEM why they should hire you and what you can contribute. Spend some time thinking about this, and I am sure you will be better prepared for an awkward interview.

    Stop beating yourself up, and realize that you just gained some very valuable experience that will only help you blow them away next time!

    Chin up, darling! :-)
  7. by   Inori
    Thanks for encouragement! Now to prep better and try again.