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Hi, Does anyone's hospital use the EPIC system for charting? Our hospital is going to this system this month, and I am really interested in how other nurses feel about it. For me, it is very difficult to learn, and I feel... Read More

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    as long as you can remember the time of the assessment, you can go to the doc flowsheet and insert a column-which will allow you to enter the time and date of the assessment. if you go to add a column, it will put in the current time and date. but there is always the concern that if something happens to a patient and there is no assessment, the old addage of "if it's not charted, it wasn't done" comes to mind.

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    I just want to bookmark this thread. The icon does not show.
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    Greetings al7139
    The issues you report are not unique to EPIC and may have more to do with the change from paper to electronic charting/documentation and information gathering, entry and seeking.
    Have you contacted the folks responsible for training/education or even asked your Nursing Manager if you can have some addtional training on the system? - Additional training, working with a super user, partnering with one of your colleagues who works the same shift as you but feels more comfortable with the system - these interventions, more than anything else , may ease some of your anxiety.
    Good Luck
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    early on it seemed the younger nurses had no problem, it was their language. i felt overwhelmed, but after about a couple of weeks i finally started getting it. little by little i learn something new each day . this is from someone that the instructors said i don't think you will be able to do this.

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