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Hi, Does anyone's hospital use the EPIC system for charting? Our hospital is going to this system this month, and I am really interested in how other nurses feel about it. For me, it is very... Read More

  1. by   dorty6745
    I need to acquire Epic training. Does anyone know where I can get training without being an employee? I am in California.
  2. by   pincush23
    Quote from dorty6745
    I need to acquire Epic training. Does anyone know where I can get training without being an employee? I am in California.
    None to my knowledge. It's basically an excel format. Not that bad. Each facility has their own "tweeks" to the system. It does take some time to learn all the "bells and whistles" just as any computer system charting. If an employeer asks you about your computer experience, tell them that you are experienced with excel. Plus, you can copy and paste your assessment and make changes as needed...Good Luck!
  3. by   Been there,done that
    As a traveler/agency nurse.. I have had to learn 4 different EMR's within 1 year. Epic is by far the best and most user friendly.
  4. by   dudette10
    Quote from dcarriv
    We use it where I work and I hate it. It freezes up all of the time, the entire system will crash and be down for hours. I have also found it very difficult to use. I am on a rapid response team and I find it very difficult to work on patients who are going downhill when I cant access their allergies, medical histories, meds and procedures. They do have a backup system that is view only, but we have had that crash too. There is a computer hub where they can print up everyones chart, but if we have a full hospital that can be 270 pts. When it is working, it is nice that the doctors enter their own orders and progress notes. Unfortunatly the docs have found that it is very easy to click on the wrong orders, they also c/o it system being too slow. On our version of the program if you punch in ns you will get about 500 different orders and if its just a ns bolus that you want then you have to search for it. In my opinion and a number of our other nurses and mds agree that this program will kill someone.
    What a PITA! However, you're describing a system overload problem/capacity issue that IT should be working on as a priority in your facility. The Epic application itself is not the cause of your facility's problems, although I think the Epic people would have a vested interest in helping your IT department increase capacity so that the application works as designed.

    ETA: My hospital is supposed to get it soon. I used it in one of my clinical rotations, and I can't wait for it to be implemented at my workplace. It would be nice to be able to see the complete picture of the patient in one application. Right now, we have to work with paper charting plus no less than three applications, and we still don't have a complete picture of the patient.
  5. by   AgentBeast
    It's only as good as the IT department and the training the staff receives.
  6. by   westmar
    How true that is! We are live on an EMR and thought the system was the problem. Turns out, we had a very inexperienced implementation team, as well as inefficient IT dept. We have had to bring in corporate reps to get the service we needed and deserved.
  7. by   PediNurse3
    I used Epic when I worked in the ER and I felt like it was very user friendly and easy to navigate. I didn't appreciate it until I left that hospital and went to an organization that used a completely different program- absolutely horrible in comparison. I really liked Epic.
  8. by   martymoose
    so what do you do in a code""you're hear stopped beating? wait, i have to sign in first"...
  9. by   funnyliz
    We have had EPIC for about 6 months now - it's really quite nice - I do have a question about the flowsheets for Trauma centers. We are still using the paper flowsheet in addition to having to enter all our tubes/vitals/lines/meds etc into Epic. How are other centers doing this and did they develop their own flowsheet in epic? Is it ACS approved? Ideas?
  10. by   mydesygn
    I have read quite a few comments about hospitals not having competent IT staff. As both a nurse and IT, I am and have been on both sides. Most hospitals do not have enough IT staff. Hospitals are notoriously bad about hiring IT. I Often hear stories of one person responsible for building and maintaining multiple clinical modules - there is no way you can begin to do the level of support and troubleshooting. So, before being judgmental - consider that many hospitals barely staff enough nurses to care for patients - I can assure you they put even less resources into IT.
  11. by   scimajor
    Does anyone have comments about whether or not real time charting has to happen, because as night shift it is nice for patient sanitation if I can assessment as quickly as possible and then chart at the desk a bit later.
  12. by   EMR*LPN
    as long as you can remember the time of the assessment, you can go to the doc flowsheet and insert a column-which will allow you to enter the time and date of the assessment. if you go to add a column, it will put in the current time and date. but there is always the concern that if something happens to a patient and there is no assessment, the old addage of "if it's not charted, it wasn't done" comes to mind.
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