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Calling All Newbies! As a newly hired informatics nurse, I've been perusing the website and reading similar stories about graduate programs, job searching, learning the role, etc. I'd like to start... Read More

  1. by   NewNurse305

    I am a student nurse, I will be done school soon and I am very interested in starting a MSN in Nursing Informatics program. I am considering Walden University. Not much IT experience, but I love computers.
  2. by   SpEdtacular
    I am enrolled in the RN-MSN Informatics program at Excelsior and will be starting the informatics portion in the summer!!!
  3. by   NewNurse305
    Congratulations for making it this far.... What are you looking forward to most in the Informatics portion of the program?
  4. by   SpEdtacular
    All of it I guess. Just excited to be trying something new and challenging
  5. by   kusini
    Hallo NIs

    Am trying to find a Nurse who can kindly spare some minutes for an interview for my grad NI class. I am in the West side of Connecticut. Thanks in advance.
  6. by   theantichick
    I know this is an old thread, but was wondering if the group ever gelled. I'd love to chat with other people in the field. I come from 20 years' I.T. experience, with 15 being a Data Warehouse Analyst/Programmer and working with reporting and extract feed requirements for regulatory agencies including CMS. I have extensive experience with extraction-transformation-load products such as Informatica as well as SQL. I have a BSN and 2 years' clinical experience in ICU and ER and am deciding now where to apply for my Masters' program. I had planned to become a nurse practitioner, but some health issues have arisen that make it impractical for me to be on my feet those kinds of hours, so I'm looking to jump over to the Informatics world. Would love to link up with others in the field.

    Feel free to PM me or email me at my username at gmail dot com.

  7. by   NewNurse305
    I am looking to start the Nurse Informatics program in the fall, anyone can recommend some good online schools
  8. by   mmc51264
    I just applied to an MSN program in Informatics. First I have to get in...
  9. by   Newnurs01
    Quote from InformaticsRN.MA
    Calling All Newbies!
    As a newly hired informatics nurse, I've been perusing the website and reading similar stories about graduate programs, job searching, learning the role, etc. I'd like to start a network of new informatics nurses (either in school, or in the field for less than a year or two). It seems like we are all going through nearly the same process, just at slightly different points in time.
    If you are interested, please reply here. I cannot send anyone a private message yet (I have to create 15 Quality Topics before I have the ability to do that), but I'm sure we can figure out a way to connect.
    Hi there. I have been doing bedside for about 6 months now and I have realized that this is just not for me. I am desperately trying to find a way out now! Nursing informatics is something I have come across recently and I am thinking of doing my master in informatics. Please tell me more about nurse informatics, their job and what is required to get into informatics program.your help will be appreciated. Thanks 😊
  10. by   Ariyala
    Hi! Just an informatics newbie saying hello. I'm in my third semester at UIC for Masters in Health Informatics. Currently I'm an ICU bedside RN, with 15 years experience. Eventually I'll transition into an informatics position. For those of you RN's who took this route, what was the hardest part of the change from bedside to informatics?
  11. by   theantichick
    Quote from Ariyala
    I'm in my third semester at UIC for Masters in Health Informatics.
    A little off topic, but wanted to ask you something about UIC. I started that same program this summer, and have been very put off by the way they deliver some of their courses. I've now had two courses out of four where the days in which I had to contribute were dictated. For example, this unit discussion starts on Tuesday and you must post 3 or more researched and cited posts to the discussion board on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have done a LOT of online classwork, and I've never had the timing dictated to me. If I'm working 12 hour shifts (especially nights) on Tues, Wed and Thurs, then I have less than 12 hours to commute, shower, eat, and sleep. I do NOT have an extra 3 hours to do research and write posts during that time. I am used to being able to bunch up all of my work on days I'm off.

    When I raised my concern and asked if this was the standard for course delivery, I was basically told if I can't handle the coursework to drop. I've got student loans taken out and others on deferment and dropping out at this point is nowhere close to an option. I'm very disappointed in UIC as I had a lot of discussion with them prior to choosing them over Walden. I did so based on their reputation and their assurance that the program was flexible around work schedules. This is NOT flexible for anyone working 12's in my opinion. Their delivery method of so tightly dictating discussion is so outdated for online course delivery that it's scary that they are considered one of the top in the field.

    Anyway, my question to you, being further in the program is: Is this the way most of the classes are delivered/organized? In all of the drah-mah, no one actually answered my question about it.
  12. by   shannonmillin
    I am very interested in being part of a group. I am new in informatics and need all the help I can get
  13. by   mumarada
    I have a BSN in nursing & experience in ICU, Med/Surg, tele. I am very interested in nursing informatics. My local community college has a certificate in HIT, which I am thinking about pursuing. It's very affordable & can be done online and completed in 1 year. I'm just deciding if it's worth it or should I try some other way. We use Cerner, which can be very frustrating at times, as nurse.
    I currently work in a hospital in ICU. I have asked about joining monthly meetings related to IT at my hospital but never got a reply. That was over a year ago. Maybe I'll ask again? Anyway, I'd love to network.