Nurses with Hepatitis B in the Philippines?

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    Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada, UK etc do hire nurses with Hepatitis B. But information with regards to hospitals here in the Philippines isn't quite as definite. From the few replies I've read, hospitals here seem to be stricter in hiring nurses with Hepatitis B and Hepa B test is one of the requirements for employment.

    Anyone know any exact info if hospitals in the Philippines are hiring nurses with Hepatitis B? Anyone with Hepatitis B that was hired recently? Obviously, hospitals have different requirements but it would be nice to hear some info about the topic.

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    Getting a job in your country is slim at best right now. Chances of getting a paying job is also slimmer in terms of nursing. Even with the best of health.

    Best of luck to you. But do not feel that it is because of your status that you will not be finding a job, there just are not any in the Manila area, or most other provinces as well.
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    hi u can leave ur email or contact number will talk to u....
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    Welcome to everyone new here.

    Just giving a friendly reminder that publicly posting personal e-mail adds. and other contacts is strongly discouraged in the forums for safety reasons.

    Users can contact other users privately by clicking their user names and just choose to give either a personal message (needs 15 posts to be activated) or e-mail them (if the other users sets their profile for them to receive an e-mail from other users).

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    im sorry for that....well jbauer87 i dont know how to contact you...just leave a message here in this forum thanks
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    I also have the same story I graduated last April and I am considered as one of the best student in my university but what people and classmates dont know is Im HBV positive I just found it during our medical exam. I feel depressed thinking about my future and my family because for them I will be the breadwinner once I graduated and found a work but the thing is I can't find a place to work even with my good credentials and a topnotch boardrating. another thing that hurts me when the persons i knew asked me what is going on with me cause they know me I am a great student in college yet still find no place to work unlike my batchmates who are usually not as good during college. I just can't open the issue for discrimination will take place and fear of social isolation.
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    Hi! I know someone (I think around batch 2000) and she's HBV positive. She was able to work at Cardinal Santos (ICU) for a couple of years. At that time, I think she's also undergoing treatments for her condition. She also has goiter then. Right now, she's already in the U.S. working at Neuro ICU.:wink2:

    I'll ask her about this when she calls.
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    according to center for disease cntrol it will not prevent you from going to the states provided that you will undergo a series of counciling and other stuff concerning your condition. also with regards to your training try the provinces its might help.

    Dont wori kid, everything will be ok, just think positive and someday maybe it will be gone from your system.yeah:
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    pls, for those nurses who are also hep b positive but was able to work abroad as a nurse pls. share us your experience. What should we do and where to apply if theres any.
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    guys i email some embasy like new zealand and australia they informed me that the medical assessor of the embassy will decide to approve application or not....i think if they found out that hep b is presnt during medical exam they will need to do some more lab test in order for them to approved a wrking application or visa...

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