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Military Nursing in the Philippines

  1. 0 I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me? Thanks!!

    1. What are the steps needed to become a military nurse in the Philippines (ie, legal requirements)?
    2. Are there regulations on grooming and dressing?
    3. What are the advantages of military nursing?
    4. What are the disadvantages of military nursing?
    5. What common challenges do military nurses encounter on daily basis?
    6. Are there special equipment used in military wards?
    7. What different positions are under Military Nursing?
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    if there's no answer, you can try calling afp med center
    just research for the no.
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    I"ve read previous threads here (phil forum) that villamour hospital is accepting nurses esp. volunteer w/allowance if you passed their initial screening requirements. just try to search it back by google (bottom part). I think its a great start for you if you wish to work in phil. military hospital setting. gud luck.!
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    basic requirements to be in the military nursing corps:
    80% and above for your NLE exam.
    5 feet 4 inches in height(minimum)
    must pass the 6 mons training.
    good moral character.
    hope this helps a little.
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    #4 1 should pass the entrance exam, the physical exam and the 6 months training. you must be single, not pregnant (for women) or didn't bear a child, with license and I know there's an age limit here.

    3. as what I know in the advantages as a military nurse (please correct me if I'm wrong), according to my interview when I was in first year college: you'll be a nurse and also have a rank, basic allowance for uniform, etc., government benefits like SSS, GSIS, etc., great work experience because you'll be assigned to different places in any kind of situations, chance for free continued nursing education here in the Philippines or abroad. They said that you'll have the advantage if you go abroad because of your experience and leadership skills.

    There are so many advantages... I can't remember all of them. I suggest that if you're conducting a research, interview a military nurse yourself. Go to AFP, Fort Bonifacio or Villamor Air Base. Also, there's this book ( I can't remember the name) that discuss about nursing in different setting. It also discuss about Philippine Military Nursing.
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    here's what you need:
    -must be a registered nurse
    -minimum of 5ft for girls and 5'4 for boys
    -good moral character
    -pleasing personality
    -21-28 of age
    -single,nvever been married of pregnant
    -with a maximum of 150 grade of eyeglass
    the requirements:
    just visit camp aguinaldo and bring the following:
    -college diploma
    -prc license
    -board rating
    -transcript of records

    goodluck! aim high
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    sir, i have a question. i took the 15 point exam there and failed. i was then advised to have the retake w/c is the 100 point exam. i was told that i can do the retake during wednesdays only. do you have any idea wether i can still do the retake after several months form my first take?
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    Where is camp aguinaldo? where in camp aguinaldo? how can i get there if i'm coming from alabang? business attire? what time?
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    it's in Q.C. along EDSA. u can take a bus going to cubao. one landmark u can use when along edsa is Santolan MRT station. business attire, no flipflops,shirts w/out collar etc. office hours 0800-1700H you will then be scheduled for an exam upon submitting your credentials... so u wanna be a soldier nurse? hehe
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    i thnk there are two types of exam. those with NLE rating of 80% above will be given the 15 point exam with questions about conversion, essay and you will be asked to make an NCP for a given problem. those who have 79 and below will have the 100 item exam with enumeration. identification, multiple choice, and im not sure if there's matching type as well as essay and NCP also.

    i was told by one NC that there are no retakes but those from the office told me that u can have a retake if you fail the 15 point exam, you will be taking the 10 point exam for the retake and some applicants claimed that it was easier than the first and they were able to pass the 2nd one. maybe because of the pasing grade for both exam w/c i think is 80%? (not so sure about that)
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    OTCN can be found at Bulwagang Valdez in Camp Aguinaldo
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    It's due to this discrimination in scores why USA had to do away with numbers...I hope RP will also implement a PASS/FAIL type of result in the near future...
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    is the "backer" system thing really true?