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  1. Congrats to all new nurses, after a long wait and suffering atlast it' s worth waiting and you may now harvest the sweet fruits of your labor..but then its somewhat bland to taste that reality really bites..... the higher order decision would not spare us of our broken integrity nor redirect our paths us nurses the way we want it to be... really its different now..we must admit it( one may hate me for saying this) its really a mixed emotions, I know deep in everyones heart you know what to do..you know where to go...you know well what your ambition (your reason of taking nursing) then do what your ambitions require's you to do... you know what i mean.. god bless us:heartbeat
  2. wholisticmom

    Supreme Court's Decision regarding NLE

    I just want to know what's the difference between the 1st time takers of NLE and those who already registered but failed, does it make a difference? we all know that 80-90% of our phil grad aiming to go abroad, so if this so called local exam here is of no use anymore so, why there are arguments abt the the imporatnce of retaking it if you registered and not taking it if you're not yet registered ( and ASAP apply for NCLEX), sorry for being to straight... but that's the big issue in which silently everyone wants to know. I'm aware of foreign credentialing thing, my concern is does it really affect their ego if someone failed the local licensing and passed their exam, really...i dont get the rationale since they can already test a new nurse competency based on their standardized exam. e'm I right? pls dont get me wrong just wanted to know the difference... tnx
  3. wholisticmom

    Supreme Court's Decision regarding NLE

    correct me if I'm wrong , so it means the prc would be releasing a two (2) list. the one for the list of retakers and the other one is for the list of those who said to be RE_Instated on the list of passers. sorry for being so naive but really.. I'm confuse abt these two percentage of examinees who said to be IN or OUT of the list. So it means were expecting a list coming from PRC that they are including these list of passers who been deleted due to statistical treatment done. The BIG question is when and would they release the list the soonest. tnx laurence.
  4. wholisticmom

    Supreme Court's Decision regarding NLE

    Im shock abt the news regarding the thousands of supposed to be new nurses who legaly passed the RN exam but unfortunately was deleted on the list. I wonder why the news focus more on the list of retakers and neglect the issue of those who passed but been deleted because of the said 1.1%( more or less) adjustment. I think if justice and integrity really the issue here they should be given the chance to oath. We hope to find balance in the big issue and hope for a sweet happy ending for everyone.
  5. wholisticmom

    CRNE results?

    thanks you so much for the reply and I think the site you gave is very helpful for newbie like me...I've already send them my concerns and I know they will reply sooner. Hope you dont mind if I ask you some questions just now it pop in my mind. do they require their applicant to have a job experiences (in canada or home land) before giving the approval to write for the crne? just wondering of their pre-qualifying requirements, if ever they have one.So Hope I dont take toomuch of your time.. I'm glad we have this site the chance to meet nice and helpful people like you. Hope we could exchange info in the future... many tnx :typing
  6. wholisticmom

    CRNE results?

    Hi! I'm a Nursing graduate from the philippines, I just wanted to ask some question in relation to this thread, the CRNE in your country. In my case, I have some relative in manitoba canada. I wonder if there's a possibility for a foreign grad like me to take the CRNE? what are my options or how can I register for the exam? I know that at this point in my life it would not be practical for me to take the NCLEX if my chosen country is canada. Now I want a straight and practical step in my career and yet it is impossible for my sister in canada to petition me, for she's just been there in less than a year as an immigrant status. so pls let me know if these things in my mind would be a possible scenario in canada. thanks in advance to anyone who would spare time to reply...many tnx.
  7. wholisticmom

    any FILIPINO members here?

    Hi! I'm a fil citizen "kababayan" so happy to be a part of this community, I hope everybody would "shine" in whichever part of the world were in,. Were different!..., you know.... well polished by the hardship situation in our country..so hoping we could help each other hand in hand to achieved our dreams.... and this is only the beggining...gudam
  8. Hi, gud pm I graduated last march and plan to take the NLE this june... Im really SCARRED... its less than 2mos and yet I'm not that in tune with the so called "focus" I just wnted to know if there are people in thse same situation....? yet I'm on a review session to start this sunday, still I dont know if I could get a hooked of all the info to load in my brain in just a short period of time.. anyone....? whats your strategy ? any tips? help........:uhoh21:
  9. wholisticmom

    Failed CRNE twice

    Hi there, I'm new here from the Phil. I just graduated last march but I'm already an avid reader of the community, I just joined last April. well, I just read your thread regarding the CRNE and very much interested abt the process of this canadian examination. Is there any web site I can get the info or application for these exam? Is a CRNE exam is equivalent to NCLEX? hope I'm making sense ....is there anyone who could help me.../ it would very much apreciated tnx alot and gud am.
  10. wholisticmom

    what if I dont take the NLE and wanted to go to Canada?

    tnx, ms.tina is that ok to call you ms.tina? your reply is very enlightening, prior to these msg., Ive already posted a mile long reply but I dont know why it didnt post... but again...tnx alot ...Now I know where to FOCUS my energy but to PASSED the NLE and to get a hosp. exp as possible. I hope other's can also relate to this matter. I'm hoping to this is the beggining of our healthy nursing community discussion so long... tnx again.
  11. wholisticmom

    How many of you did an Externship?

    Hi I'm a newly grad from the phil. Is there any possible way to have a good hospital training abroad to those foreign newly grad nurses with less experience. I'm very much eager to work abroad, as well as to master the standards being implemented, as early as possible. pls help.
  12. hi there, i'm new here...can anyone suggest what to do , am i having a big mistake if not taking the local exam in the phil? my target destination is canada and i wanted to take those exams which would help me to work in canada. my exp. here is sero but what's the use, knowing that they are not recognizing our standards here , that we have to further again upgrade our clinical skills to be able to work as a respectable rn status , soooo is there any short cut to resolved this matter ? can anyone .....pls ty:uhoh3:

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