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Just want to get an idea of where everyone is located, and where they went for their nursing education! I'll start: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. BCIT (starting soon ... jan06)... Read More

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    Good Luck!!! Education is very expensive in this country.
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    I'm from North Carolina. Went to Davidson County Community College to receive my ADN....many years ago. Been a nurse for 20 yrs....
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    good luck too Gamma! God Bless
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    I was raised in Scarborough, ON where I first took my RPN course in 1975. In 1990 I returned to school at University of Toronto and completed my B.Sc.N. We moved to Oshawa, ON in 1977 and I now am a retired nurse with a volunteer position as a Parish Nurse.
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    i'm from northern manitoba! hi all!!
    and no, as a matter of fact our winter has been unseasonably warm up here. all the igloos have melted...lol
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    hi im from england. i work as a community nurse for the last 7 years before that i worked in nursing homes hosiptals i started my nurse training in 1978 its quite frightening now to think how it has changed.
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    Hello there, Sounds similar to me. Origionally from Nfld and started nursing back in '65. I also went to Saudi back in '96. Stayed 3 years in Riyadh, worked at KKESH, (Mustashfa I-oon). Where did you go?
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    Hi, I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba started out in Edmonton
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    i graduated from SSFC in peterborough in 1980 from the diploma RN course.

    still living and working there in the retirement community.

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    Hi, From Toronto Canada. BScN from Seneca College/York University 2006. Currently working on Medical unit. I am planning to pursue my Master program in either Public health or health administration etc if anyone can recommend a good university with distance education.
    It is nice to read from all of you.
    Stay blessed