What can I do with a nursing degree (without my Candian RN license)?

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    I graduated with a nursing degree and I've been struggling to get my nursing license over a year. I written twice missed by 4 and 1 point. I have delayed acquiring my license and been wondering what can I do with a nursing degree without a license?
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    I suggest taking an NCLEX prep course if you haven't done so already. A nursing degree without a license is nothing more than an expensive piece of paper.
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    I am from Canada. It's the CRNE that i need to pass..
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    I have heard of nurses with "license issues" being marketing managers, patient liaisons, consultants, ADONs, and even a SNF Administrator. Mind you, all of these people had either extensive experience or other degrees and licenses to fall upon.

    Without experience your degree is worth about as much as a degree is psychology or political science, of the same level of course. Hopefully you have a bachelor's degree, at least that will count for something if you attempt to find a job outside of healthcare.

    Study, study, and study again until you pass NCLEX. Take NCLEX prep courses like they are going out of style.
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    Are you going to try again? Since you only get three tries you should maybe look into a CRNE prep course.
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    @ Asystole RN
    I have a 4 year bachelor of nursing degree

    @ loriangel14
    Yes I am still trying and I am having a very hard time getting over my fears to write it the final time.
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    Once met a pharmaceuticals sales rep who had failed three times. She was making a pretty good paycheque from what she said.

    But like Lori said, you have one more chance, use it.
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    Is english your second language? Perhaps you should brush up on your english comprehension skills before you write the exam again.
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