To the nurses who already completed SEC Assessment in BC please help - page 4

Please share with me your experiences during your assessment, and how long did you wait for the result? And what are the actual recomendations after you received your result. Does anyone actually... Read More

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    Hi.I wondering if you were able to find any resources for the SEC?I live in Vancouver and Im still completing my requirements for the NNAS.Thinking about the SEC makes me nervous always.I hope you could me advise on what books to read.
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    Hi.My name is Lyn.I am new in this forum.I am glad to see that you are from PI.I am also from PI currently living in Vancouver.I am just wondering what are the books the kwantlen university lended you?I graduated mmy nursing un 2009,so its been awhileI would really appreciate any help from you.TIA.

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