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  1. 0 I'm assuming none of you are accountants but does anyone know if scrubs and shoes can be written off on your taxes?
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    If your job requires it, yes.
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    Nope, I've never been able to write anything off and that includes the first stethescope
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    Quote from Alfi_srq
    If your job requires it, yes.
    Are you a nurse working in Canada?
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    Crappy! Thanks Fiona
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    I write mine off. Shoes , uniforms, my license fees, my parking.
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    The box states you cannot write off clothing.

    Do you have an accountant do your taxes Lori? I've been able to write off my license fees and that's it pretty specific about how parking expenses can be written off. I wish I pay nearly a grand/year to park at work.

    Are you writing them off on the federal or provincial return?
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    Yep an accountant does them. Hmmm very strange.
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    This one, Employment Expenses 2013, is pretty specific. It states we can deduct the license fees but goes on to say things like briefcases and calculators, etc. cannot be written off.

    Most nurses aren't salaried, so that rules out a load of other deductions.
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    That's very interesting. I have a few people tell me parking, shoes, scrubs could be. There will be a lot of upset people if they get audited and reassessed!
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    I nevr used to claim anything because I didn't know I could. We got talking about it at work one day and I found out my coworkers were claiming a lot of stuff.
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    We had an accountant do our taxes for 9 years and I was told quite bluntly that I could not claim uniforms, shoes, a new stethoscope or any of the myriad reference books I've bought over the years, nor claim expenses for any of the conferences I attend. And NO... I couldn't claim parking either. Just professional fees (minus the GST of course) and union dues.
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    Does anyone know if you can claim for ongoing education courses? For example, taking college continuing education courses in a nursing specialty area?