So disappointed

  1. I moved to Vancouver 6 months ago with my family. 6 months prior to this I underwent a "Fit to practice" course ( cost 2000 of my personal money) in the UK as I had not been nursing for 3 years due to bringing up my two children. Having done all this I fully expected to be able to come to Vancouver having updated myself and apply to nurse here but I don't know where to start! Obviously I have read the nursing sites and often read this site info, but it appears many nurses have failed to be able to pass the tests here. I am not sure if I should pursue this as it seems so hard to get to nurse here in Vancouver even though there are vast shortage of nurses.
    Have others found this same problem when moving from abroad? I know there are many Filipinas here too, have you also found the same problem? By the way I have been nursing all my life for 25 plus years!
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  3. by   willowRN
    I feel your pain..

    I'm a Filipina too, I graduated last year from the Philippines and then I moved to US. I passed the NCLEX but clinically I found there is such a huge gap.

    I found that my training is lacking and so I am in such desperation.

    It's hard to find jobs for new grad nurses with no experience or those who have not been in the profession for sometime.

    I am in US but this might be the case too in Vancouver.
    Maybe you could look for residency programs in there it would really help you transition.

    Anyway, after all these, just do your best and God will do the Rest. He will carry us through. God bless!
  4. by   iamhopeful2009
    Try to look into volunteering in the meantime while your looking for an rn job to add to your resume and exposure.
    The gap is only perceived because the concepts and theories are all the same. The practice may be different only because our exposure in the Philippines is limited to those patients who can afford to pay. Where as here PTA are treated irregardless of capacity to pay.
  5. by   nohika
    Which Vancouver? BC or WA? In WA, nurse jobs are extremely limited, especially down in Vancouver because we have like five nursing programs within a 20-mile radius that pump out new grads every quarter. It's a rough job market.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    We need some clarification. Are you talking about the US or Canada?

    I'll move this to the INternational forum.
  7. by   NataliaK
    Apply as a LPN - the test in much more easier, and in your own pace work on your RN status. Or come here to Nova Scotia - they will be glad to have you
  8. by   chinma
    Hi Natalik,
    Please could you kindly explain the steps of applying as LPN in Nova Scotia? I might consider that if my RN registration takes longer. Thanks and God bless.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Nova Scotia isn't as easy to get in with employer as indicated, currently Capital Health main hospital employer for NS advertises 2 nurses jobs and for RN with Psych preference, although advertises jobs will offer it internally first and then would give preference to people already here. The LTC company I work for with places all over NS and NB are not advertising any nurse jobs. The cap for FSW is filled for RN's and yes there are still vacancies for LPN however the real issue is finding employer and from my experience RN is the preferred occupation. A lot will depend on the route you take or plan to take however if a employer is required you will need full time employment and most prefer to start on casual or part time not full time is the college of LPN for NS
  10. by   jortegalpn
    can you share the agency you used to get a job in Nova Scotia? Thanks in advance.
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    There is no agency, most here will only work with direct contact and most are not going the TWP route and Nurses are no longer on skilled list making it even harder
  12. by   liezeldubai2012
    Perhaps you should take a nurse refresher program. I'm not sure that you would qualify for something like this but I know of a lot of internationally trained nurses who have taken this program in Ontario after being out of practice for a couple of years. They had to do clinical rotations and some of them got hired on the floor after the practicuum. Registered Nurse Refresher Certificate | Continuing Education | Mohawk College It is not a sure thing especially where I am in Ontario, because ontario specifically is cutting jobs at a rapid rate, but I have friends who are still getting part time jobs despite this reality, so its really hard to explain. Good luck.