RPN's can bridge to RN in the USA in one year!

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    I'm speaking from experience. I got my RPN in Sarnia, Ontario and I wanted to upgrade to RN. I seen that the schools were not recognizing the work I did as an RPN so I looked in the USA. Just on the other side of Sarnia, Ontario there is a college in Port Huron, MI. At that college they have a 1 year LPN-RN articulation program. The only thing I had to do was send my transcripts, write MI NCLEX LPN, and prove I had 1,088 hrs of work experience as an RPN. I did one semester of pre-reqs and I will graduate after doing a full year of studies, this May. The school does everything for you regarding the student visa. I still live in Ontario and I just drive over the border each day. The only problem is that you can not come back to Ontario unless you upgrade more in the USA to get a BScN. Usually hospitals in the US pay for that though. If anyone is interested you can see for yourself at www.sc4.edu I was so frustrated with the way Canada treated RPN's that I don't even care to come back.
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    Thanks for sharing this with others.
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    I cannot agree with you more Talia!! I have been an RPN for over 5 years and I was interested in becoming an RN but when I informed myself it would take me 3 years approx. of full time education!! Also, since I only have my certificat in RPN and not my diploma. I still considering taking the bridging cert. to diploma program but not right now since I will be starting a new job in a hospital. It's almost an insult for us RPN's to do 3 years of schooling! I think the bottom line is money! I live in Ottawa so I can't just cross the border like you do...consider yourself lucky!
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    Oh MAN !!! Are you reading my mind ??? First of all, I too am completely shocked at the lack of respect we RPN's get here, (Ont) as far as our knowledge, and they say there is such a NEED... for us, yet, I work in the system, and it is not as big a need as the cry, when , there are many of us RPNs out here that want to upgrade, to RN, and have 10,15, + years of experience, overlooked for that RN desired, and that we will not be recognized for our experience if we wish to go back to school! I am 51, and yearn to do just that, but need to work, cant afford 3-4 years, of school, (my kids need that more than I do ) and no place close enough, could go to Buffalo, if there was such a program there. Sarnia is a bit of a drive.... but oh, boy, I would think more..... now. I have worked in US (FL) and had my LPN there for 8yrs, and stupidly let "go" of lic, when we moved back, now that i wish to consider both places eventually (snowbird) , I found out I cannot get it back now. They no longer will support the RPN/LPN's of Canada, as had in the past, (as of Jan this year) I was told just today. He said, "the education is not equivalent" to US LPNs. So, short of writing the NCLEX again in Fl, and a great deal more, this is happier news for me.... just need to look into more. I will re-read the post, several times before it sinks in, what you have said. I am to excited. THANKS for the info. I would love to Chat with you more, on this..... one to one..... if need be. You made my day, and gave me hope again. Even working in Buffalo as an RN, will be more work than i see available now. Meaning too, that our country will loose a good nurse once again, they need to do some thinking here.
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    I agree you guys!
    I know that you guys wrote this a while back seeing how the last entry was March 2007, but things have not really changed. I am an RPN very interested in becoming an RN but with the price of University and the time I will have to put into it, plus many other considerations, make it very hard to decide if it is a good decision or not. I am already in so much debt from past studies and I just recently became full-time. I am just so confused as to what to do. I know that in the long run it will be worth it but I wish it wasn't this hard.

    I wish that things would turn around for us!
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    Good to hear! I am currently going into my 2nd year RPN. I was enrolled in the RN program, and finished my 1st year no problem, and then I was wait listed because I didnt get my package in the mail!! never-the-less, I want to hear more about this(realising that posts were made 2 years ago) could you fill me in on a few things??
    how long did you work as an RPN before going to school in the states?
    how far away is the college?
    how much is it?
    one full year?
    sorry I am very excited to read about this! thank you!
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    WELL, it is the time in my life now, where I may be able to do something about this..... and very seriously checking into this now,..... has anyone yet ? Is there any news ? is there anything similar, that has online courses offered. I checked Athabasca, and now not so sure..... ASAP ! Excited to grow !
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    But I think what you are bridging to is the equivalent of the Associates degree in the US and up here would not be considered the equivalent of our RN degree. I don't know I'm just wondering. Our RN degrees are 4 years so would just one extra year in the US make it the same? Anyone know?
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    yes, I agree, and I think that is what she meant when she said, `needs some upgrading to work here . But I want to get my Degree started, not sure in what , or where, just want more... but don`t want to pay an arm and a leg, want to do it asap, within the budget, and still health care.... so I can continue to teach... baby steps I guess. checking out some of our, and some of theirs, and see what will work for me.
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    Hello Talia Vde,

    Since US RN degree is not equivalent to Canadian RN degree, then how long will it take to upgrade more in the USA to get a BScN and how

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