RN? RPN? LPN? What does it mean? RN? RPN? LPN? What does it mean? | allnurses

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RN? RPN? LPN? What does it mean?

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what RN, RPN and LPN stands for and what each means? I am a British nurse trying to find out as much as I can about Canadian healthcare an nursing, In UK I am a registered nurse, I qualified from university after 3 years and have a Bsc in nursing, I am unsure what category I would fall under in Canada?
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    RN = Registered Nurse, LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse (think of the old Enrolled Nurse in the UK, training similar and generally 2 years long) and RPN depending on province stands for either Registered Psychiatric Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse (similar to LPN)
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    Ontario is the ONLY province that calls LPNs, RPNs. The LPN is best compared to the now defunct SEN in the UK.

    RPN West of Ontario is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. A Registered Nurse with an intense focus on mental health nursing. They are also qualified to work as RNs
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    RNs have a 4 year BSN and LPN/RPNs have a 2 year diploma. The 2 year degree program for RNs is now defunct but many RNs working have it instead of the BSN.
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    Sounds like RN to me, but I'm not qualified to say so.