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Hi I wanted some advice from nurses in Ontario I have always wanted to pursue a career in nursing no matter how difficult. I have always felt a job like this is for me. I want a job that keeps me active and on my feet I also... Read More

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    The cost of living in Toronto is higher than Calgary, and the wages are much lower. I could easily handle living in Calgary. I will decide after I visit there whether its Calgary or Ed for me.

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    I would never live in toronto although i live in northern ontario which is probably way worse except i live in hospital housing and my benefits are great.. I was going to AB but unfortunately certain things hindered me at this point to move my family..

    My workplace is far from perfect but i enjoy living in the north.. I dont see myself working in large city centres and since lpn jobs in the north are not abundant i am waiting til my rn's are done...
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    Trishrpn where in north are u? I am also interested in moving anywhere as am a single with no family. Life has been very tough so I guess living in northern wouldn't be any more tough than I have gone through . Just a young nurse need some light to move on and out of Toronto . Recent new gad with 6 months of hfo new graduate initiative experience .
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    I am a PN student in Hamilton, ON. I will graduate in December of this year...i'm not sure what the job prospects are like...but I know Hamilton is pretty bad for new grads. all job postings I see request at least 2years experience, or casual float. I'm willing to travel anywhere from here to Niagara region, haldimand county, Burlington and oakville...so we'll see. my husband's family lives in Northern Ontario in Timmins so we'd be open to moving up there too mm or Sudbury/Noeth Bay...but im not sure what jobs are like up there. I'll have to wait and see.
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    I know north bay just layed off a bunch of nurses, most RPNs. If you are willing to go anywhere, then apply everywhere. Witness if you want a real change then Northern nursing would be it. You would apply with the government. Bayshore(home care company) is always recruiting for rural areas too.
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    Quote from witness2012
    Trishrpn where in north are you?.
    I kust moved south to Moose Factory from Attawapiskat lol (both are on james bay coast)

    I have enjoyed my time up here and there is always a need because ppl come here and then leave.. It is isolated.. Less in moose factory because we have a train system..

    If u r single and looking for an adventure.. Come on up..
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    This sounds like a real adventure . I hope there is food stores there I love food more then anything !
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    Well, it depends on how much time you have on your hands. If you have young kids then you may want to go for the RPN instead of the RN. With the RN program there is more opportunity and the pay is better, however, I am told that the scope of the RPN practice will be openning up more in the future. I guess, the RPN title is new and what RPN are permitted to do in health care settlings is constantly changing so health care facilities do not alwasy keep up with the new times. It also depends on where you are, if you are in a big city, then generally the hospitals do not keep up with the RPN practice and only hire RNs. In smaller cities however, RPN are utilized to their full scope since RNs are not always as accessible in rural areas. At this point, I would go with the RN program if you are accepted and if not go with the RPN program. And, if you do not get into either than maybe up your highscool marks or try the PSW program (they always take last min applications). I am in my pregrad of the RPN program right now and I was just accepted to the RN bridging program. I applied becauce I would like more opportunity in the hospital.
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    The title RPN is not new.I work with RPNs that graduated over 20 years ago.Where I work the only area with no RPNs is ICU and dialysis.We are utilized in our full scope as recognition of our skills, not because they can't find an RN.
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    I'm an RPN in Ontario. Graduated in the winter of 2011 and had a few job offers a couple of months later in February of 2012. Passed my CPNRE and started working in March of 2012. I'm currently making $29.61/hour in lieu of benefits.

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