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There is nursing shortage in north Ontario. ďAnd we do have to find ways of enticing nurses to come to the North. And thatís why particularly in some of the rural and more remote areas we need to put some of the things that... Read More

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    Don't forget the cold. I know someone who lives in Nunavit. It is so cold during the winter that no one locks their doors because you risk frost bite by taking off your gloves to use a key to open the door.

    It is very easy to,get caught up,in the romantic idea of heading up "north" to be a nurse but you really need to look into,it deeply before doing it.

    Yes, I know we are talking about Northern Ont here, but just wanted to point out the differences in the weather between Toronto and Northern Ont. I have first hand knowledge as I worked in Cochrane for a few years and that isn't
    Even considered a remote location.
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    I personally love the cold that was one of the reasons i am here...
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