New Grad (RN) wanting to work in Alberta or British Columbia...

  1. Hello,

    I am from Ontario and I am a new grad (RN). I really would like to work in Alberta or British Columbia. I have heard stories from people saying that other new grads have been able to find work in AB or BC and are making $40/hr. Now I have been researching a bit and have not come across any job postings that are for $40/hr. I'm not sure if you have to go through a specific agency to get this kind of pay. If anyone has worked in AB or BC could you give me some pointers on where to look or which agencies to use.

    Also, if you know where some of the better hospitals in AB or BC is I would love to know!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   ajaxgirl
    Have you read other posts here?
    I am not from Alberta but they are laying off now. There are no jobs especially for new grads.

    Also,it's possible they are including their vac pay and pay in lieu of benefits and shift premiums in that 40 dollars.
  4. by   CanCan
    Would any of these agencies/companies provide housing?
  5. by   ajaxgirl
    I don't know.
    My guess would be no.
    My guess is that it would be very hard to even get hired as a new grad.
  6. by   Fiona59
    AHS has a hiring freeze. There will be very few UNE's even hired this year.

    BC especially the lower mainland has more nurses than jobs.

    Alberta had committed to hiring 70% of all local new grads, so who knows where they will be hired or even if they will be hired.

    I'd say look for a job in Northern Ontario.

    From what we hear, there are no hiring bonuses, no relocation bonus. It would be foolish to move here and try and find work without a support system or family to stay with.

    The hospital I work in closed a unit earlier this year and had over 40 displaced staff that had to be re-absorbed into the system. We recently heard that a surgical unit is closing 4 beds and will result in another 7 staff members being displaced.

    Staff are starting to bump those with less seniority. If you have less than two years of employment you can be bumped.
  7. by   joanna73
    Few jobs in BC or AB, and AB has a hiring freeze. Native AB grads will not find jobs this year, either. Unless you are willing to work in a small town, forget about both Provinces.

    Check out some of the recent threads here discussing new grad angst and the AHS hiring freeze.

    With shift differentials, it is possible to make 40 an hour as a new grad. As far as agencies, you require one year minimum experience. Most agencies won't hire new grads, as it's not a good idea for the new grad or the agency. Too much liability.
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  8. by   sjamesrn
    Alberta Health Services won't hire any external candidates at the moment. I'm from Ontario, worked for a year to get experience and moved out here last year but that was when there were lots of jobs due to the predicted loses of nurses to SHC. Now we still need nurses but don't have the budget. I recommend working in Ontario for at least a year to get some experience and keep informed about the situation in BC and AB. I know that's not what you want to hear but you'll get your shot when things turn around again.
  9. by   CanCan
    I am willing to work in a small town
  10. by   CanCan
    sjamesrn - can I ask where you ended up moving? How was the whole process of moving and finding accommodations, etc.
  11. by   joanna73
    Moving depends where you are hired. I'm also from ON, moved to AB three years ago for work as soon as I graduated.

    First, you apply and get a letter of offer following a successful (usually) phone interview. Then, you apply to CARNA or CLPNA for your license. This takes approx. 3 months.

    I found an apartment online prior to moving and it was brand new and waiting when I arrived. AHS will not pay for relocation, so you will need to do the legwork yourself.

    Make sure you negotiate your start date with the employer in advance. You could get a temp license, but even that may take 6-8 weeks.

    Good luck! It's definitely rough out there no matter where you are.
  12. by   4_Sq
    British Columbia

    New Grad Salary $31.71

    BC Health Authorities Look At External Postings:

    They are:
    Northern Health Authority
    Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
    Interior Health Authority
    Fraser Health Authority
    Vancouver Island Health Authority
    Provincial Health Services Authority

    There are not jobs @ pay rate of $40 for new grads (that I know of)
    Most housing is find it your self, and not subsidized in any way.
    There are many new grads in BC looking for work now, I think it is a fairly competitive job market right now.
    Good Luck!
  13. by   sjamesrn
    Quote from CanCan
    sjamesrn - can I ask where you ended up moving? How was the whole process of moving and finding accommodations, etc.
    I ended up in Calgary. Finding accommodations was harder for me since I have a dog. I had something set up prior but they changed their mind when I was driving throughd Northern Ontario. So I just set up some viewings right when I got here and lucked out and was able to get the first one I saw and moved in the next day. Rent is comparible here to nearly any bigger city in Ontario. My boyfriend was from Calgary and I had a few friends as resources. I found CARNA quick and didn't have ant issues switching my license over. I filled out the paper work ahead of time to speed up the process (maybe paid the $50 registration fee before I got an official offer I can't remember) I had my phone interview in Feb and told them I'd start in May so that also allowed for plenty of time to sort out my license. Alberta pays very well and cost of living and taxes are lower than BC and depending on where you are from in Ontario. The shift differentials make a huge difference which is where new grads can make around $40/hr depending on the shift and day but base rate is $31.29 for grad nurse and $34.31 once you are an RN. Plus you get an extra $1.25/hr for having your degree on top if that.
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  14. by   CanCan
    Thanks everyone for all the information. Hopefully ill be able to find some work.