New grad moving from ontario to alberta .

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    Hi nurses out there in Alberta!!

    I am a Recent graduate from a college in Toronto just passed my license last September 2012 and was hired through Health force ontario new grad initiative program for six months in a LTC . I am planing to move to Alberta because of the hospital experience that I want to gain and ontario is a very big challenge in getting a job esp. as a new grad in hospital .

    Please advice on the following :

    Should I transfer my license before I get a job ?

    Are there jobs in Alberta for a new grad ? And which places? ( preferably in Edmonton because my sis will be going to U of A )

    3 job search tips : in ontario people get jobs in the hospital by references and connections, and meeting managers in person . Does That also apply at alberta?

    4) are there any new hospitals or centers that would look for an LPN?

    Any help would be a great help ! So confused on making a decision to move . Although I am a single and by myself here

    Thanks a lot in advance !!! =D

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    1) Yes, you'd need an Alberta licence before you can work in Alberta. It is a condition when you are hired. No licence, no work (or delayed work). 2) Yes there are jobs. In Edmonton, you can try applying to the major hospitals there, such as the Royal Alexandra , U of A, Misericordia, Grey Nuns or the Glenrose. You can also try applying to private clinics and long term care facilities. 3) I guess it'd help a bit, but I got my job just by applying. Not through networking. 4) In Edmonton, the Robbins Pavillion at the Royal Alexandra was built a few years ago, very new, very nice. A new hospital (The South Health Campus) was opened in Calgary last September. Many hospitals are being expanded throughout the province.
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    You should apply to CARNA if you are an RN of CLPNA if you are an LPN prior to leaving Ontario, because it takes approx 6-8 weeks to finalize the paperwork. You cannot work without your AB license, and many employers will not hire you without knowing the process is at least mid way through. To be on the safe side, I would ensure you have your license and at least some interviews set up before you relocate.
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    I LOVE all nurses !! Thanks a lot for the information . Yes I have already started applying for my transfer of LPN license . I was just worried because my contract here in the LTC gets over in April and I was feeling what if there are no jobs down there my transfer of license would be then in vain . I have started applying through AHS website since 3 weeks . No calls yet that was one reason that made me ask all those question

    Thanks a lot for writing back =D
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    It may take longer for the calls to start coming in. AHS internal applicants are selected first, then external applicants are called. I suspect once you have an AB license, employers will call. They need to know you're serious. The rural areas are desperate for nurses, but Edmonton and Calgary have a huge pool of applicants.
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    Most postings are up for at least 10 days. Then HR takes them and sorts them first into internal/ external then by how well your resume fits the requirements in the posting. Then the potentials pile is forwarded to the hiring manager who screens them again. It's a long process.
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    There are also job postings on the CLPNA website. There's a bunch of jobs listed on there today.

    AHS is another story....I've applied for multiple AHS jobs and have finally landed an interview next week.
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    You don't just "transfer" your license. You will actually be holding an On and AB permit until the end of the year.

    Jan is so correct. AHS moves at a snails pace, it's not unusual for it to take two months to make an internal transfer in the same hospital never mind between facilities. Outside applicant, just as Juli said, take forever to be looked at. Even though you apply for everything, you are just one of 100s applying. Local grads who have done their final placements will always take precedence over you. We don't have a new grad's hiring programme here.
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    There are also job postings on the CLPNA website. There's a bunch of jobs listed on there today.

    AHS is another story....I've applied for multiple AHS jobs and have finally landed an interview next week.
    YAY!!! Juli!
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    Thanks a lot every one for this information . Ill soon get this lisence and keep applying lets hope for the best . It's a motivation that there are still jobs in alberta unlike ON !! Lol!
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