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Anyone actually get a call back after applying? My goodness! I have applied for so many Attendent jobs and not once call back. I even applied for a job in laundry (It makes more then the group home I am currently working with)... Read More

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    There are jobs, but some of those postings will stay unfilled for months on purpose. AHS is cutting back. However, I agree....just apply.

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    Quote from equestriRN
    Pan, look at There are jobs everywhere at the moment. AHS suddenly decided it needs to hire more nurses FT. Can't believe it's only been 2 years since Duckett thought having adequate staffing was an extravagant request...
    The reason for the "sudden" decision to hire more nurses FT goes back to the summer of 2011. There was a huge study on the units as to how staff were being utilized. How many FT, PT and casuals were on the unit each shift. They looked at patterns, utilization, vacation coverage, etc. The shake out from this is still happening. Several units in my hospital have had their rotations changed to reflect patterns outlined from this study. Some PT lines have or will be increased in size. Tnad don't forget the promise to hire more new grads into full time lines.

    So some of those jobs will be filled internally, I know a couple of .75s and .8s that have had their line increased to full time and they've had to apply for their own jobs. Standard practice.

    Oh, Duckett felt is was important to cancel Christmas and New Years meal for staff working those shifts. And don't forget we lost the staff discount at the food concessions all the while those expense claims were being racked up.
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    The CEO's realized that many nurses actually prefer to work casual and part time....something nurses got used to out of necessity at first, because full time lines were scarce. So now AHS has decided to mess with that once again.
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    Quote from joanna73
    We have positions open where I work, for the last 8 months. We are looking to fill them, but few applicants. This is a very rural area....and no one wants to move.
    Where the.location?
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    Quote from YoElian
    Where the.location?
    Think north of Edmonton.
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    That's right. Way north of Edmonton. I live in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. Not a lot to do except work and sleep, although if you're looking to save money, this is an advantage. If you want to work, many small towns throughout Northern AB are hiring.
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    There are many jobs available in northern Alberta peace river, grande prairie area and there is housing available check the postings on the web site!!!
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    In the northern areas is housing subsidized through your work or is it all private apts?
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    Is there a hiring freeze yet in alberta? How long that may last?
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    Not really a "hiring freeze per se". AHS made a commitment to hire 70% of new Alberta RN grads. Combine that with a projected $4 Billion dollar budget deficit, (we will know more on Thursday) that will result in cutbacks accross the board and you have the ingredients for a bleak outlook for new nurses trying to find employment here.
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