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internationaly educated went through gnie dont have a job everyone says if u have registration we will hire u but the question is where do u go to do 250 hrs to het registration so confused... Read More

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    Quote from n0name
    Title of this post was internationaly educated newgrad,i think thats enough to make anyone understand i am a new grad

    I didnt read the "Terms" which made you think i have poor language skills

    Several previous posters on this topic felt that completing the SEC and required upgrading gave them "new grad" status when applying for jobs.


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    I have only suggestions, but I think that your IEN new grad status and the fact that you have no previous nursing experience makes it difficult for you to get a job offer.

    Where do you live in BC, Vancouver, Lower Mainland? Then it will be hard as there are more competitors as anywhere else!

    Despite your new grad status you`ll have to present yourself, your resumee must be individual, convincing and in some way unique, so that your future employer has the
    impression that you are worth to invest time and effort.

    I got my job offer while in Germany, without having the CRNE done at this time, now I work in Northern BC since April, but of course I had the experience...

    Have you considered all regions in BC?


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