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is there anyone here who tried applying in this agency? their site is www.go2canada.com and unfortunately, there aren't many sites that offer feedback about their processing. my mother and I qualified and we we're scheduled for... Read More

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    If successful and they issue you a temp license then employers will be more willng to discuss jobs. Once you have a employer then you can get the ball rolling with immigration. Any questions please feel free to ask or send me a pm

    Good luck
    ok i will, silverdragon. thank you so much!!! :heartbeat
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    Quote from ♥sassyRN♥
    Hello I also want to go to Canada but the problem is i don't have work experience yet, will i qualify? My godfather is in Alberta specifically in Grande Praire he can accommodate me there if ever I am qualify to work in Canada.

    One more thing I'm having problem searching for the Board of Nursing in Canada/Alberta. Where can I find a link? thanks in advance!

    LucyNtheSky>>> How did you apply for your LPN assessment? Where can I have my credentials be assessed? You're already an RN why did you apply for LPN, if you don't mind me asking. I'm willing to be an LPN too if RN job will not be readily available. Thanks a bunch and good luck!:heartbeat
    hi sassyRN,

    for the LPN assessment, i contacted CLPNBC and completed their application requirements. i believe you wish to apply in alberta? try checking out this site:


    yes i'm already an RN but i was told by the consultant that in order to qualify for jobs in BC as an RN, a nurse needs to have at least 2-3 years experience (i haven't verified if this is the rule, or more of a case by case basis depending on what is required by each hospital). those without experience, like fresh BSN grads, can qualify for LPN positions instead, and then pursue RN licensure later on. as for me, i'm thinking that once i am in a more stable position (i believe they cancel the work permit if the nurse fails the exam, and considering the RN exam is tougher than the LPN exam i don't think i want to risk it) and have gathered some experience, then i will apply for the RN licensure and upgrade to being an RN.
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    actually, all of those whom i know really undergone LPN status first prior to becoming RN in canada (that is what Im being told about) since experience wise, only those obtained in a canadian province / territory are the ones being credited for you to get the CRNE.

    I really am interested. Lucy, did you had any experience prior to your application as a LPN? By the way, as promised, I will give update. Well, we weren't able to get to the place cause my mother requested a reschedule on October 11 instead so that's it! hehe

    and silverdragon, would it be possible to shift to RN from being LPN? are the experiences obtained as a LPN valid and considered for one to be able to take the CRNE or not? how long do i need to be an LPN? thank you.

    Hmm..by the way, I already have 6 months of paid experience as a nurse, but when I took the scoring for skilled worker, I only got 66 (1 point short T_T)
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    In the USA, LPN experience does not count toward a RN since the scope of practice is very different. It maybe different in Canada.
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    that is the reason why I asked, because as to what I read in the net, they are 2 different profession. But as I have said, most nurses here who migrate to Canada undergo 6 months of LPN status first, then, while on LPN, they should pass the CRNE within that 6 months. Otherwise, they will be sent back "?" (I am not certain on that but this is what an agency told me before)

    and also, I really would like to get to LPN status just as long as I can get to an RN title after (of course, after passing the CRNE) since I don't like to be LPN for life...Honestly, I don't even know what an LPN does since I haven't been educated as one. :P
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    Quote from Alexk49
    In the USA, LPN experience does not count toward a RN since the scope of practice is very different. It maybe different in Canada.
    Definitely not...BC has a requirement of 250 hours of supervised practice prior to licensure and even though I worked as an LPN in Canada none of that experience counted for anything.
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    Thank you so much for all the link you provided! I already read some of them and after that i became more confused!

    Silverdragon i know by heart that you can provide me with many information about LPN processes. But i will not ask them yet, may be in my next post. Thanks so much and I hope you continue to help those nurses who are in a lost like me.

    LucyNtheSky your aiming to work in British Columbia righ? Are they also requiring you to undergo PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition) wherein you have to study again for a year or so? Are you getting a services of an agency or your doing it all by yourself? What institution did your LPN assessment, is it also IQAS (international assessment services.
    Thank you so much LucyNtheSky... I really want to know the processes you went. PLS!!!

    I really dont know what to do without this site. You all give me hope to pursue this career despite all the odds that is happening especially here in PI. To all the members and moderators of allnurses.com THANK YOU!!!:heartbeat
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    The province will decide if they except LPN experience but if they do not you could approach them and sort out a plan on how you can do this, you would still then have to take and pass CRNE in the same way you will have to sit the exam for a LPN.

    RNGrad2006 has experience of getting No in BC so that looks like the answer so would suggest either applying as RN and sorting something out to obtain hours. The best place to ask is the province as at the end of the day they make the final decision
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    I've only heard of RN working as LPNs in Alberta. It was a deal brokered by Capital Health, CLPNA and CARNA. It came about because the education of many of the applicants interviewed was more the equivalent of a LPN in the province of Alberta than a BScN from the provincial universities here.

    The LPN and RN scope of practice in most acute care facilities is very similar. Both grades of nurses admit/discharge, assess, do wound care, medication administration, IV starts, care and meds. The main difference is the spiking of the TPN and blood bags. Currently care of central lines and their dressings are within the RN scope but I've heard by year's end it will be within the LPN scope of practice.

    LPNs work in all areas of the hospital except NICU.

    There is nothing wrong or shameful in being an LPN. It is just a different nursing education, a more hands on method of training. Many LPNs have degrees in other fields or have been RNs in their country of origin and their education is not recognized in Canada and they simply can't afford to go back to university for up to four years to meet Canadian standards.

    Don't look down on a level on nurses that you have no experience or understanding of.
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