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I was told that the immigration laws are changing due to homeland security. I was told that as of July of this year the stipulations are changing and if I don't have a "letter of intent" from a prospective hospital that it will... Read More

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    Quote from beausud
    hello, i have read discussions on this recently. is this written in stone now? i already have my TN (renewed in feb '04); so i can plan on going home for christmas even if i dont have my visa screen yet? (i already started this process 3 months ago). thx +]=)

    *oops didnt see the previous posts.. sorry.
    I would not chance leaving the US without the Visa Screen Certificate in hand. Most officials at the border are not letting anyone across without it.

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    Quote from nursie nurse
    alright suzanne....that's enough of the "i told you so"!!!!! people are on here to get advice and help.....not to have their hands slapped.....

    Very well said!
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    Can we expect to reenter the country if we only have a TN and not the Visa Screen with the new extension in the NY Times till July 2005 ?
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    I think that extension only applies if you secured your job September of 2003 or earlier....
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    yes, if you can prove you've been employed with the same institution before 2003, then you are exempt...also if you have multiple entry stamped on your TN visa then it shouldn't be a problem to re-enter the US.....but always confirm this info before travelling.....

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