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  1. beausud

    CRNA scope of practice restrictions

    hello all, i searched the net for some clarifications, but i have found none so far. a colleaugue of mine has "active" HEP B (no symptoms; according to her, she has had this for a couple of years that she knows of), and she was thinking about nurse anesthesia school. she is currently working in SICU, and occupational health has told her that there is only one restriction for her and that is debriding, which we don't do anyway (our docs do that here). i have mentioned to her that there shouldn't be any restrictions when/if she becomes a CRNA. i regret mentioning that now, because im not so sure anymore. can anyone give me any info on this matter? thx in advance for your time.
  2. beausud

    Honest Answer Needed: How Tough Is It?

    "hi all! this is my first post on this site (although i have been lurking for a while). anyways, i just wanted to know how tough is it to get into nursing? i have always wanted to be an rn and now is a great time for me to achieve this goal. i am in 25 and have been out of school for 7 years. as of this coming monday i am starting university preparation courses. my transcript isn't the best, so i am hoping these courses will give me an edge in the application process. i hope to be starting my degree in september 2007. is this feasible? are there long wait-lists in ontario? my husband and are are not opposed to moving to another part of the province or to another province all together. his job is very transferable so he won't have trouble finding a job wherever we end up." --> hey, good for you!, anything is feasable... yeah it might be hard at times, but anything is hard if you dont put work into it. dunno about ontario, but there are needs almost everywhere. "so i guess what i am really trying to find out is it a waste of my time to apply in ontario? is there any other province that has less wait-times for acceptance? i sometimes feel like i have left this too long and that all of the recent grads from highschool will be given consideration before me."--> if your are refering to getting into school, i dont think so, just as long as you have good marks from your "pre-qualifying courses or pre-reqs", it shouldn't matter if you were straight out of high school or not... it might take longer to get all the appropriate course done before you get accepted. "my first choice for colleges would be durham, george brown, and algonquin. does anyone know about the nursing programs at these colleges?"--> dunno about these places but any "accredited" nursing school should properly prepare you for your canadian boards. "sorry for all of the questions! i guess i am pretty excited about this."--> go for it!
  3. beausud


    allo, i am not familliar w/ the lpn exam, i am not even quite sure that there is one in quebec... but you can contact the OIIQ->click here; i know that this is for RN's but they may be able to give you some information. good luck.
  4. beausud

    Info about California DESPERATELY Needed

    hey, why dont you check out good samaritan hospital in san jose its about 30 minutes from palo alto. they may have er positions for you, i like this area... i am housed in los gatos, about 10 minute drive to the facility, los gatos is an affluent area, safe and clean.. close to the major highways... good luck.
  5. hello, i am no accountant nor do i claim to be knowledgeable in this field, BUT since i have had the unfortunate experience of dealing w/ the tax man... from what i was told, US citizens are taxed based on their citizenship; so if you are a US citizen living in Canada you have to pay US taxes... if one does not work in Canada, i was also told that i "shouldn't" have to pay Canadian taxes. Canadian taxes are supposedly based on residency. all this was explained to me by an accountant (CA). please ask a tax proffessional if you are unsure. good luck. -*this is a non-proffessional tax person' s opinion, i reserve the right to be wrong.*-
  6. beausud

    Best Places to Work RN USA?

    hey, i worked one contract at cottage hospital in SB... loved it... BUT... the only reason why i didnt extend was due to their low census. its a small hospital compared to the some of the ones i worked at. staff were very nice to travellers, lots of "young" people to hang out with. great area to be in, especially for the winter. housing is expensive ofcourse; they housed me in a tiny appartment. the only upside to that was it was close to downtown, restaurants, bars etc... i would go back there.. good luck! :)
  7. -hello, it depends on which state board of nursing. usually they give you until your 1st renewal before they require you to have the full number of CEU's (cont. education units). check w/ your state board of nursing, they shuold have some info on their web site... -there are plenty of places that will give you CEU's for a fee ofcourse. just make sure that those courses are accredited and recognized by your state board of nursing. your nursing board should have this info as well. good luck.
  8. beausud


    hello, is it fact or myth that a professional w/ liability insurance tends to attract more attention in a malpractice lawsuits? perhaps it also depends on how guilty/liable the person is... any info would be great, thx for your time.
  9. beausud

    advice on colorado travel

    hello, just an FYI for you guys... a fellow traveller told me that colorado will tax you on your whole year's income as opposed to the 3 or 6 months you are there. this is what i've been told, so you might want to check w/ an experienced travel accountant. there are many links on Delphiforums.com (travel RN forum->TAX forums). anyhow good luck, iv'e never been there myself, but i hear its a nice place.
  10. beausud

    What are my rights..

    hey everyone, thx for all your inputs. to further clarify my original post: the pt wanted us to get him up at the side of the bed... just to have his feet touch the floor according to him. ofcourse when we got him up to the edge of the bed, he would have a tendency to fall back due to his lack of upper body strength. we basically held this pt up for about 10 minutes while he sat at the edge of the bed. i dont recall seeing an order/recomendation from PT, nor from the docs, to clear him so that nursing can try to replicate what activity PT did w/ this patiet; i will review the PT notes.... Unfortunately there are no "PT" people around on NOC, so the rn's just have to get more people to have this pt sit up at the side of the bed. i will also look for an available hoyer lift... if PT says its ok for us to do it, can some of the nurses still "legally" refuse to help if other safety devices are not available? my back feels ok now, thank goodness. thx again for everyone's input.
  11. beausud

    What are my rights..

    ok here's the situation: pt is obese, BLE flaccid, pt says "PT got me up to the side of bed yesterday... why can't you (me)?" so the nice person i am i go and help the pt out w/ assistance from another staff member. i realise half way through that this pt is a max assist-this is when i found out that the pt has poor upper body strength as well. anyhow, we got the pt up to the side of bed safely without incident.. but my back is sore . so if this pt requests this of me again tonight... can i refuse? what are my rights?; i am a traveler by the way... not staff, so i might not have the same support system for this type of situation. thx for your time.
  12. beausud

    angiocath versus butterfly

    hello, personally i prefer to use the "butterfly" cath style for IV starts; i find that w/ the shorter cath, i have better control. the tricky part for me is when i have to pull out the "stylet" (needle), gotta make sure i dont pull out the cath thats already in the vein. the 1st time i ran across this type was in sacramento. i guess whatever works for you... im assuming most people use the "traditional" style angio cath.
  13. beausud

    All Rns Moving Join Together!!!

    hey, if you stay w/ the same company, you don't need a new TN visa. the TN Visa allows you to work for one company. *you need another TN Visa for each company you sign up with. i.e: if companyX offers me a contract in San Fran, i might sign up w/ them... but if companyA offers me a better deal, ill have to go to the border and have them issue me another TN Visa for companyA. when they issue you your TN Visa they write the company you work for on the back of the document. from my understanding, one company per TN Visa. i dunno if there is a limit on how many TN Visa's that you can have. to get your green card you need to have done the VISA SCREEN. its part of the green card process from what i have read. some hospitals will not sponsor you.. this means that they will not help you get your GREEN CARD. BUT if you have your Visa Screen, you will have done part of the process already!
  14. beausud

    US Nursing Experience

    hmmm... i guess everyone has their own reasons. for the most part its safe to say $$ plays a big role. perhaps working conditions will come in 2nd. i dunno. the main reason why i started to travel was cause i didnt want to go back to our surgical floor and have 10 to 15 patients each shift (NOC). i was replacing someone in the ICU at that time. i got spoiled w/ having just 3 patients. i honestly can say that back then, i didnt fully realize how much more $$ money i could make doing the same job w/ less patients here in the US; i.e.: safer, better working conditions (in general)-depends on the facility. ofcourse everyone has different reasons. right now for me its going to be how much comprimise im am willing to make between salary and quality of life. the one thing that i can say is that i am fortunate to have these choices. after seeing my fair share of indigent patients..., as i sit here warm and dry, in front of my laptop w/ a fridge full of food... wether i will end up here in the US or Canada. neither is a bad choice! :) :Melody:
  15. beausud

    All Rns Moving Join Together!!!

    i love montreal (and quebec city too)... ofcourse i am biased. but anyhow. i have chosen to go back to school in canada cause ill get more bang for the buck sort of speak (compared to doing it here). i still have yet to apply... still in the process of saving $$. hopefully i will save up enough to live and goto school w/ doing the minimal amount of work hours. i had a co-worker at duke who worked in the prison system there, he said that he liked it. im not quite sure if i would be comfortable doing that, but who knows. i was back home over the christmas holidays and met an RN. she echoed almost the same sentiment that you did about the work conditions/pay situation. at this point i'll have to make do w/ whats available when i get there. my feeling is that most CAN RN's are heading to the US, even though you have to jump through more hoops to get your papers; well been there done that . my Visa Screen is good for 5 yrs. i have until that time to decide wether the US lifestyle or the Canadian lifetsyle best suits me over all. i dont want go through that costly and time consuming process unless i have to. we'll i guess ill just have to wait and see where the wind will take me. :)
  16. beausud

    All Rns Moving Join Together!!!

    hey thx for your reply, i have a feeling i might encounter similar situations in montreal. im already looking at other options for work when im in school. after 5 yrs of traveling, i think its time for me to go back. at least for a little while. good luck to you both.