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  1. nursie nurse

    I just got fired... what the hell happened?

    yes you're right - this seems out of left field! Did you get a verbal or written warning or even an informal one to one with your boss before it escalated to this?? I'd be in a state of shock too and I'm sorry for what you're going thru......once the smoke clears, i would investigate why and how it came to this because it could damage your reputation as a nurse for future job hunts.......good luck to you!
  2. nursie nurse

    Weak Stomach

    i can handle suctioning a trach, no prob. i CANNOT handle hearing dry heaving! ugh, the sound gets under my skin and i pray for the patient to vomit just to put me out of my misery! Another thing that gets me is feet especially those on a homeless guy.......
  3. nursie nurse


    yes visiting hours need to be enforced.....these family members are really out of control! Unfortunately some hospitals (in my experience) are reluctant to **** anybody off in the name of their precious Press Ganey scores so they will bend to the family before they support the nurse....unbelievable!
  4. nursie nurse

    Drexel MSN programs online?

    Hello, well i'm currently enrolled in the MSN program at Drexel University and even though i've just started, so far so good. Drexel has a good reputation and so far the curriculum is good.
  5. nursie nurse

    Masters online

    Check out Drexel University online nursing programs. They do offer a discount for people in the military and their master's in nursing management program has a good reputation. drexel.edu is the web address. Good luck!