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To all Canadians, I want to ask if which is the best province among the four: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. Me and my fiance' is planning to migrate in Canada. I will be applying under Skilled... Read More

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    Interesting. It seems like im reading a book. You can be a writer. I admire your writing skills.

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    So. Not bored? Thank you for the compliment. I've been published a few times, mostly op ed pieces, and I wish I had more time so I could really write something with meaning. I guess I could give up AN...
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    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!! I actually felt as though I was there. Good read. I don't think you strayed at all janfrn, you gave heart to the place so many of us are migrating to. Alot of us are leaving our comfort zone and travelling across the world to be amongst strangers; to somehow find our way and finally settle down. Your story and stories like yours bring a sense of warmth to this question mark and uncertainty that we are facing. Did I say- loved it???!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I did. Thanks again. Sorry I didn't get my hot chocolate, but once I started reading I couldn't stop.
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    I have a million stories I could tell, because I've had a lot of interesting experiences in my life. But I'd have to start my own website. Maybe I need a blog... hmmm....... Stay tuned.
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    Hey janfrn, I just read your post about your childhood memories and it was pretty interesting, a good read. I am also in agreement about Ontario, this province is going downhill, I will continue to press my spouse to go out in the Western direction, but not as far as BC. I had most of my childhood in Manitoba so I do remember the very cold winters.

    Anyways, great post.
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    Thanks linzz. Now that I'm on the memory train I've decided I don't wanna get off. I'm going to try to blog a new memory every day and see how long I can keep it up. My little sister will be fascinated since she's 14 years younger than me and will be learning all sorts of things about me she didn't know. Maybe I'll learn a few things about me I didn't know too.
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    Janfrn: I am sure your sister would love that. It is nice to have someone else's version. My mother hardly told me anything about her childhood but one night her three sisters were there and they had plenty to say and it was very interesting and informative.
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    I've blogged stories of my very first real memory (living in Newfoundland as a toddler) and about learning to ski in Saskatchewan so far. I haven't decided on le souvenir du jour for today yet. But perhaps we should let this thread return to its original purpose now...
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    PEI & NS are very friendly provinces. You will have a major adjustment to the snow, climate etc.. in health care, there is always a call for nurses & usually is a surplus of nursing jobs..
    PEI is quite a small province, NS may have more opportunities.
    Wages in nursing in the maritimes is a bit less than the more western provinces.
    Manitoba & Saskatchewan have lots of nursing opportunities also..
    But BC is the best ( I am just a little bit biased, but I know lots of reasons you should pick this province, even if it is a little bit more difficult for you.. (The weather is a bit milder out WEST) Much luck, enjoy Canada
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    This is a good thread to read for those who consider migrating in Canada. Please keep on sharing different memories/experiences in the different provinces in Canada, especially the four mentioned by michrn (the thread starter). I hope you give the pros and cons of the different provinces. I have been given a job offer at Regina General Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan. Prior to the job offer, I was clueless on what I was getting into (my bad) but I guess it was Divine intervention that led me to this. I am just waiting for my visa and deployment. I am having second thoughts of leaving my family behind here in Manila but some of your stories inspires me to continue with this. Please do share some more, your stories gives me more reasons to choose Canada over other countries or staying here in the Philippines.

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