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To all Canadians, I want to ask if which is the best province among the four: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. Me and my fiance' is planning to migrate in Canada. I will be applying under Skilled... Read More

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    Thank you so much. How about in Saskatchewan? any comment about that province?

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    Flat. Windy. Treeless. Rural. Those are some words that pop to mind when I think of Saskatchewan. I lived there as a child and can remember standing on the back step, looking to the west and seeing the grain elevator (tallest building, about 80 feet) in Sibbald, Alberta 13 km (9 mi) away. The photo is of the capital city, one of only two cities in Saskatchewan with populations over 100,000; Regina's urban area is about 195,000. Saskatoon is the biggest city, population about 205,000. The next largest community is Prince Albert with 35,000. All the trees seen in the photo have been planted and carefully nurtured; most of the province is grassland prairie.

    Have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saskatchewan

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    Remember the song lyrics "I can see for miles, and miles,...".

    First thing that popped into my head from that picture.
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    Quote from Fiona59
    Remember the song lyrics "I can see for miles, and miles,...".
    Yup, pretty much.
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    so Regina seems to be a nice city. Urban than the others?
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    I am sorry but your "Remember the song lyrics "I can see for miles, and miles,..."." made me giggle!

    Very cute.
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    Quote from nursemich
    so Regina seems to be a nice city. Urban than the others?
    Actually Saskatoon is the larger city by almost 100,000. If I had to choose, I'd pick Saskatoon. Royal University Hospital has more beds than Regina General and it handles more acute cases too. The only real PICU in the province is at RUH.
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    Thank you janfrn. I'm now completing the requirements for assessment in Saskatchewan. I've decided to do this on my own. Will I get a job online once I have assessed to be eligible to take the CRNE? Then apply for work permit and so on.. for a permanent visa? Or things are getting a tougher?
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    It's really hard to say what the job prospects are right now. I know that in Alberta, six months ago it would take at least 20 minutes to scroll through all the posted nursing vacancies on the Capital Health career board. Now it takes about 5. As of this moment there are only 18 postings that would be suitable for IENs (in terms of work permit requirements) at the University of Alberta and 7 at the Royal Alexandra. Things in Saskatchewan may still be more favourable for IENS but I can't say for sure. The Saskatoon Health Region Career website isn't very user friendly.

    Today there's an article in the newspaper about the job losses being suffered by semi-skilled temporary foreign workers all across Alberta. The economic recession has left about 200,000 without employment and under the terms of their work permits, even though they've been petitioned for PNP, they are unable to work for anyone else without revising their TWP and the're looking at returning home. Of course, nursing isn't in the same category, but if a Canadian nurse's partner is laid off and s/he's working casual or in a small part-time position, s/he's going to be applying for the very same postings that the IEN will be. There's no question who will get the position in that situation. I believe that is how the vacancies in Alberta have dried up; Saskatchewan's economy is based on the same industries as Alberta's so even if the recession hasn't caused them to lose jobs yet, the day could well be coming.

    This cloumn appeared this morning in my local paper, rather coincidentally. It might give you a little chuckle:
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    Applying for Saskatoon Health Region is tricky as well
    They are only interested if you're eligible to take CRNE, same goes for other health regions.

    So wait until you're assessed by SRNA and then see where you want to work and live.


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