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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    When you go around and say, "I lost my brain!!!!" (and you are referring to your brain sheet )

    Or say things like, "That guy in 2? Yeah, I blew him twice."
    OMG!!!! That is SOOOOO TRUE!!!!

    My computer is now wearing my afternoon tea.........!
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    You know your a nurse when your mom calls to question you on how to treat your dads jock itch!

    You know you are a nurse when you can run down the hall at work yelling "save the poo" and NO ONE looks at you like you are crazy
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    When you're at a crowded restaurant with your daughters, one of whom is about to have her first gynecological appt, and she makes the mistake of asking what it will be like. You pull a disposable speculum out of your purse and procede to explain everything in great detail with included hand gestures, while she tries to disappear under the table.
    -My mom did this. She was an RN studying to be a midwife and they sent them home with speculum's so that they could practice the motion. Now I'm getting ready to finish LPN school and I totally get it now. We keep grossing out the family at the dinner table swapping stories. LOL.
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    The doctor looks at the pillsbury dough boy very seriously and says " I think you have a yeast infection"
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    Thanks for the laugh...Aloha~
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    Got a new one-

    Remember that I work on a unit, where isolation gowns are NOT kept near the patients room for safety reasons

    When you willing run into a room of a patient in Isolation for CDIFF without PPE to keep said patient from falling.
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    When your dad asks what you did at work today, and when you tell him his reaction is a mixture of and (he shares my sense of humor, but not my exposure to gross medical things).

    When you want some entertainment during dinner, and pull up "[COLOR=#003366]what is your most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing horror story?[/COLOR]" to read while you eat.
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    ...your tool box and sewing kit both have hemostats in them!
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    Omg all these things are hilarious I can't wait to start nursing school and become a nurse ^_^ sincerely a pre-nursing student
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    When your tackle box is full of medical supplies.
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