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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    When you wash you hands in the bathroom at a public facility before and after you go and do it the "right" way!
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    ....a friend is in the hospital, and you refuse to let them spend nights there alone.

    Any night I'm not working, I'll be right here in the bedside chair, keeping watch....
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    Quote from silverbat
    When you wash you hands in the bathroom at a public facility before and after you go and do it the "right" way!
    We had automatic paper towel dispensers at the last hospital where I worked. Once on my day off I was in a public restroom and I washed my hands then proceeded to wave my wet hand under the paper towel dispenser but it didn't work. I was tired from my previous days shift. It WASN'T an automatic dispenser, just a regular one where you pull the paper towels out by hand.
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    Quote from silverbat
    When you wash you hands in the bathroom at a public facility before and after you go and do it the "right" way!
    I dunno.. when I see the signs in the washrooms that say "wash your hands after using restroom," I normally head out of the washroom and alert the nearest employee while touching everything in sight while asking the employee "is this sign only for employee's?"
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    When you make sure that the red areas on your hand from holding the iPad are blanchable.
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    When you have a dream in which you get someone to stop annoying you by threatening to show them pictures from your textbooks.
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    When you realize your 7 year old really WAS paying attention while you worked up your notes for the CPR class you're going to teach by holding up her hand and saying "It's ok mom, I can still talk" after whatever she was eating went down the wrong way and she started coughing.
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    I work on two floors. On one floor all the doors are locked, including the bathrooms. At the other floor, I'm constantly reaching into my pockets to look for the bathroom key.

    I also keep my cell phone in my front scrub pocket. At home, I've tried to put my phone in my front pocket and dropped it on the floor.
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    LOL ... Seriously tears running down my checks from laughing so hard,
    You guys made my day!
    I am a new nurse and these posts are hilarious

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    I caught myself telling a story at dinner and had to stop myself and omit several details. Not so much HIPAA but I was at a table full of non-medical and didn't want to ruin anyone's dinner!
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    When you compare the food sitting in front of you to something you just cleaned up from a patient.
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    When random family members drop their pants and tell you to look at their butt rash.
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    When you're banned from talking about infections over dinner. (May just be a nursing student thing)
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