The strangest thing you've ever seen on an x-ray? - page 2

Just read the story about the gal that swallowed her engagement ring that her boyfriend slipped into her milkshake. She didn't believe him until she saw the x-ray! Fortunately, the crisis passed ;) ... Read More

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    This is true...a Mrs Buttersworth syrup bottle up the rectum

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    About 20 paperclips shoved up this male patient's urethra....ouch!!!!

    And he did it again few months
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    female..carrot- very very stuck in the rectum.
    female..candle- very very stuck in the vagina.

    "experimenting" we were told

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    A woman who cathed herself with a garden hose and dropped fish hooks into her bladder

    Another female patients who inserted a dozen or so pins and needles under her skin - she looked like she'd been pinned and plated (without the plates)!
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    In my peds rotation in school, I brought up the chest x-ray of my 21 y/o pt who presented with asthma exacerbation. And I see a solid circle about halfway down on mid-clav line, I stare blankly for a min and think, "Oh, that's what a nipple ring looks like on an x-ray!"
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    Quote from ruby vee
    i've also seen some interesting things on vet x-ray. i had a golden retriever who, over the years, ate a watch, contact lenses, glasses, a coke can, railroad spike, tin soldiers, paring knife and my mother's antique doll. the vet used to do an x-ray every time i brought the dog in for shots, whatever, "just to see what's in there now." the paring knife was still there when the dog died at the ripe old age of 13, about 7 years after she ate it! (must have been a very dull knife!)
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    Quote from purple_scrubs
    ahh, here come the foreign-object-in-rectum stories <gets ready popcorn of tub>

    i know it is just a tv show, but i have never laughed so hard as that episode of scrubs when the guy had the light bulb up his rear and when looking at the x-ray, dr. cox says "either that or his colon has a great idea"

    wow, so i know you said this is from a tv show but my nurse friend who worked night ed told me that he did in fact have a pt with an intact light bulb up his rectum. how? i cannot possibly imagine. :imbar
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    Coleman lantern!
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    [font=fixedsys]i think that would be a beer bottle inserted per rectum--all the way in. drunk guy passed out cold---"friends" did it to him as a "joke". had to be surgically removed. not very funny fellas.
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    dentures "stored" in the vaginal cavity - said the last time she was in the hospital they lost her dentures so she put them there for safe-keeping!

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