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SunRose7 specializes in Med/Surg/Ortho/Uro/Rehab CNA.

I'm a young mama tryin' to raise my 2 little bambinos with my loving husband/ middle school sweetheart whom I've been with for 8 special years!

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  1. SunRose7

    Patients refusing assessments

    = Reason for blistered labia?
  2. That is so crazy I cant believe I wrote that a few months ago and now I start school the day after tomorrow! AHHHH! So far I have 17 books and 21 credit hours.. hows everyone else fairing?
  3. SunRose7

    My Child Has Wings: My Path to Nursing School

    Wow, I had to stop reading several times from the amount of tears welling up in my eyes. I couldn't even see enough to read. I had a miscarriage in 2005, which was devastating, but does not compare to what I believe I would feel if I lost my son now (who is almost 3). I used to hover over his crib fearing SIDS because he was a preemie, so tiny and fragile. I was scared of that greater loss because as painful as miscarriage is, when you actually get to bond by touching your baby and kissing them there's even more attachment, and the extra time to share love and stare in eachothers eyes and play and make memories. I cry every time I hear a story similar to yours because I'm sure any parent can attest to that being their greatest fear, your story absolutely touched my heart and God Bless you for sharing. :redbeathe
  4. SunRose7

    "From the mouth of babes..."

    Yes, I would have to agree that the filter does not come standard on the wee ones. Actually it's not even optional. (Personal Embarassment story: My son saw a rather gruff looking woman at the store and proudly announced "Mommy! Das a MAN!"........... heh heh :uhoh21: ) For the sake of nursing-realated discussion I will also add that I'm interested in seeing the honesty of children when caring for them as a nurse instead of a mother. Can't wait for Peds clinicals!
  5. SunRose7

    "From the mouth of babes..."

    "from the mouth of babes..." my mom always says when my two and a half year old son says those endearing, lovable, and sometimes embarassing phrases that 2 year olds are just wonderful at conjuring up. well today my son walks up to me and says "mommy, tiss my boo boo." so i kiss the little boo boo on his finger, and as much as you wish, it doesn't always make it better.. so he holds his little finger out again and says to me.. "mommy.. take my boo boo off!":cry: wow, now if the rules of the universe had governed this do-able i would have in a heartbeat.. "what a great idea i thought." i wish things worked that way.. just take the boo boo off like a sticker or a bandaid. i look at his skinned knees and elbows, what a beautiful idea indeed! wouldn't our jobs be a world different if it worked that way:nurse:?? i just had to share.:redbeathe
  6. SunRose7

    Emergency Med Dispatch???

    haha, that is very true about murphy's law. for that reason i have never depended in getting a job where i could study... no matter what they say the work load is like. and i do in fact live in a tiny town where the fire dept, police dept, justice center and library are just about in the same building lol. thanks for the advice guys, it's new, different and interesting to me!
  7. SunRose7

    Emergency Med Dispatch???

    Yeah, ya never know what people do before/ during nursing school though. I've met a lot of nurses (mostly male) who could give me landscaping/ business/ etc. advice. Really random sorts of jobs and nursing was their 2nd profession. So I figured theres a ton of people on here, maybe someone would have an idea to two from their "past life" lol. Also I'm not sure how much their advice would help except finding out what their job duties are more in depth & stress level, because they might not even be considering nursing & not know what taking a job like that while in nursing school involves??
  8. SunRose7

    Emergency Med Dispatch???

    Sorry, I'm bumping the thread up again because I need a job and advice please! :)
  9. SunRose7

    Emergency Med Dispatch???

    Hey everyone, Not too sure what to think of this... I saw an opening for an Emergency Medical Dispatcher at the police station thats half a block away, (I could walk across the street to go to work= no long commute), it's good pay + benefits (which we don't have any right now, family= 2parents +2yo son= need benefits!). I am currently a CNA but I will be starting the LPN program in August. Is the cert. for this tough/ too much to do during nursing school? (It says you must be certified w/in 6mo) Has anyone done this? Would it be too stressful:eek: w/ school:specs:? (I'll have to work part time anyway) My ultimate dream/ goal is to work in the ER sometime after I get my RN and experience, would this be helpful:loveya:? :up:Yay or nay:down:? Thanks to all
  10. SunRose7

    No More Fingersticks for Techs!!

    yep, i worked in a hospital in colorado and as of a year ago we let cnas/pcts do fingersticks. i had to take training to be able to do it and always wrote down the numbers for the blood sugar just incase something screwy happend to the docking electronics (which occasionally did:smackingf). i really loved doing fingersticks (no really!), call me crazy (and i'll probably get sick of them later), but it feels kinda "nursey" (compared to regular cna tasks i suppose) and it just felt really good to have that extra knowledge and be that much more useful. btw: can anyone tell me why at a huge hospital that is connected to a level ii trauma center and a brand new childrens hospital right next door would only let cnas on rpcu do fingersticks? ((since then i've moved to a more affordable small town w/ a great nursing program and only a one semester waitlist (i guess not a whole lot of people want to live/ go to school by the colorado/nebraska/kansas border- about 2hours from denver, lol. i can stick it out for a few years til i move to phoenix :vlin:.)) i now work at a nursing home where cnas arent even allowed to take vs unless the nurse is busy and can't do it herself and we can't fill o2 tanks, basically we are there just there to toilet, dress and feed. even a whisper of a cna doing a fingerstick would be a stupidly hideous suggestion:down:. they don't even let the cnas sit at the nurses station there which also baffles me.
  11. SunRose7

    The strangest thing you've ever seen on an x-ray?

    wow, so i know you said this is from a tv show but my nurse friend who worked night ed told me that he did in fact have a pt with an intact light bulb up his rectum. how? i cannot possibly imagine. :imbar
  12. SunRose7

    No such thing as a stupid nurse

    i felt inspired by the post but then it was shortly dashed away only by another thread i read just earlier today... the one about the nurse who has 3 duis in mi. like the other posters said she only got caught 3 times.. and if she had the bad judgement to drive that way you have to wonder if nurses like that think it's acceptable to work that way as well..... that would qualify as stupid in my opinion! i must say, if i hadn't read that thread earlier i would be able to appreciate this one much more, it's just still fresh on the brain.. sorry!
  13. SunRose7

    For Patrick

    it breaks my heart and yet inspires me how such a young child can be so much more brave than most adults. thank you for your story.
  14. i would look, however i did have a close family member half jokingly ask me to help with getting her nuvaring in... all i could say was ":eek::stone...uhh, maybe you should've stuck with the pill?"
  15. SunRose7

    Nurses that are late for report

    at the hospital i worked night shift at, when i first started you could clock in 7 min late (6:30pm-7am shift, so at 6:37 if you slid your badge you were late). people would show up at 6:36 consistantly, so they moved the time up to clocking in at exactly no later than 6:30 (6:31= late) and no more than 10m earlier(6:20= just as bad as being late). the rule was also 3 lates = counciling, 3 more lates= write up, possible pay dock, 3 more lates = getting canned. now thats some motivation! although i do have to say that there are still nurses and cnas that would clock in and still dilly dally with putting their lunches away, chatting with the day shift whom they are not relieving, visiting the breakroom, picking their nose, going to the bathroom, and then dragging their feet down the hallway while reapplying lip gloss. c'mon i want to go home kiss my son good morning and get some sleep!
  16. SunRose7

    LPN School

    I would have to agree with the other posters. I myself am going up each step of the ladder. I'm a CNA now, I'll be starting the LPN program this August '09 to June 2010 and then bridging to the RN Jan through Dec of 2011. I think that working in each role gives you deeper insight and respect to those you will be managing when you get your RN. You will know their job duties because you did them yourself, so you know exactly what to expect from them. I have worked with nurses who went straight through BSN programs and they can be just brutal to the LPNs and CNAs because they just don't know how stressful it is. They think that (esp. for CNAs) that it's "just" grunt work, manual labor etc. Whereas the RNs that have been CNAs & LPNs try their best to help the CNAs clean, turn and transfer pts. I have heard from many a nurse that you can usually tell who has taken the time to "work the 'lesser' ranks". Just something else to think about, good luck hun! :)