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SunRose7 specializes in Med/Surg/Ortho/Uro/Rehab CNA.

I'm a young mama tryin' to raise my 2 little bambinos with my loving husband/ middle school sweetheart whom I've been with for 8 special years!

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  1. That is so crazy I cant believe I wrote that a few months ago and now I start school the day after tomorrow! AHHHH! So far I have 17 books and 21 credit hours.. hows everyone else fairing?
  2. SunRose7

    My Child Has Wings: My Path to Nursing School

    Wow, I had to stop reading several times from the amount of tears welling up in my eyes. I couldn't even see enough to read. I had a miscarriage in 2005, which was devastating, but does not compare to what I believe I would feel if I lost my son now (who is almost 3). I used to hover over his crib fearing SIDS because he was a preemie, so tiny and fragile. I was scared of that greater loss because as painful as miscarriage is, when you actually get to bond by touching your baby and kissing them there's even more attachment, and the extra time to share love and stare in eachothers eyes and play and make memories. I cry every time I hear a story similar to yours because I'm sure any parent can attest to that being their greatest fear, your story absolutely touched my heart and God Bless you for sharing. :redbeathe
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    Young Mom in Nursing School!/Help!

    oh my god, thank you for replying. i just feel so overwhelmed. it's a great re-motivator when you remind yourself that if you don't do well, you've basically wasted a lot of time away from your family, so you better pass!! i'm still doing my pre-reqs and then i have at least a year on the wait list and then another 2 years of actual nursing school itself. i am taking anatomy and phys right now so thats part of why i am stressing. i will also be starting a new job as a new cna next thursday at a really big hospital in town and thats adding to my stress/ excitement. i have been working as a cashier/ sales associate for almost 4 years now and having my son last october made me realize that i can't keep doing this. i didn't want to be 44 years old (i just turned 21) and still ringing people's groceries, cursing under my breath/ gritting my teeth:angryfire when somebody called me the b-word (or worse (and yes its happened)) for ringing their apples wrong or not bagging their groceries in plastic then paper and then plastic again for like 3 items. craziness.
  4. SunRose7

    Young Mom in Nursing School!/Help!

    hi everyone! i feel so blessed to have found this site! i have been getting kind of down on myself lately because i'm young and i have an 11 month old son and i'm married and i'm trying to squish work and nursing school into all of this. i have always been more mature than any of my peers but i am depressed that i am going through school and working so much while my son is still so young. i have been trying to find a place to connect with other moms in nursing school & this website seems to be the greatest resource so far! i have been fortunate enough to connect with another young mom in my bio 090 class last summer who is 13 days older than i am and has a daughter 3 wks older than my son. what i am getting at is... #1. how did any of you moms make it? -did you stress out as much as i am? -did you feel guilty for the time lost with your children? -or does it seem worth it to have a career you can enjoy & provide for them with?:loveya: #2. were you ever jealous of your "non-mom" friends who had the energy to go party (or take another 12hr nap) or whatever after class and you had to go home and study because your baby kept you up all night when you had planned on studying? & #3 did you always look like this?! ---->>>:smilecoffeeilovecof :trout: (or almost always?) & what are your techniques for "re-motivating yourself?"
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    Male nurse looks