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random question, thought it would be fun since i'm a n00b to this site: any nurses here dating another nurse? if so, are you happy or finding it frustrating at times? if not, would you?... Read More

  1. by   redtshirt
    My other half gets my toilet humour and adds his own stories to the mix!
  2. by   Horseshoe
    Quote from Bellasmommy
    I know it is frustrating being with someone who doesn't understand the stress and demand of the nursing field. I'm not even a graduate with a job yet, I still have two years of school left, and I've already sacrificed a social life to stay in the game.

    When I started school, my boyfriend was really supportive of my choice. It progressed to him wanting me to go out every weekend and when I said I couldn't he'd throw fits. He wouldn't turn the TV off at nights while I was trying to go to sleep until midnight or later. He'd stay out until mid morning hours and wake me up when he came in. To make matters worse he drove a truck and was gone Monday through Friday, so we rarely got time together.
    I was struggling to survive 6 months of working night shift with two very young children to deal with as well. One day, after a Friday night of hell, I finally got home and fell into bed about 8:30 am. At noon, my husband came into the bedroom, turned on a light, put his hand indignantly on his hip and said "Are you going to sleep all damned day?" Oh my God, I finally understood domestic violence.

    He still hasn't lived that one down, lol. He eventually came around, but it was very difficult for awhile there. I totally understand your point about another nurse understanding what you go through.
  3. by   myk_RN
    My GF is a Tele/PCU nurse and Im a nurse across the building in the Medical/Surgical unit.

    so far so good. Only gripe is our different schedules. She works swings/nights and I work graveyards.
  4. by   MurrR
    Not sure if I'd ever date somebody who worked in the same field - it'd be like living in an echo chamber where all you hear about is the same kind of stuff all the time. In this case, nursing.

    On the flip side, somebody who can empathize and understand would definitely have a big advantage over anybody who couldn't.

    All in all, I don't make many rules about where to find love but I doubt I'll find it at work. I've got too much to do there, who has time to fall in love on shift?!
  5. by   Nursing_Chic
    My Fiance is a college professor (english) and gets squemish at the very though of a BM. I actually like it better that way. I love it because it makes my "cool" stories seem so much better to a non-nurse. (even if it's just somthing routine.) Before becomming a nurse I was a paramedic and dated other medics (perks of being a female in a male dominated field hehehe) and after a while I became fed up because if I took somthing to heart (especially with a peds pt.) they would look at me like, "typical female"
  6. by   ToughLover
    I met my boyfriend in nursing school and are still together working in the same unit at the same hospital. Love being with someone who gets me and what I deal with on a regular basis. A lot of my coworkers date each other too
  7. by   jason2234
    I dated a nursing student from my internship. I liked it a lot.
  8. by   TNgirl2010
    Very interesting topic, I work with a few nurses that are dating/married to other nurses and seem very happy. My husband is of a military background and is about to start a career in law enforcement, so we have totally different work experiences. Personally I like us being different, I respect what he does and he respects what I do. I can definitely see the benefits of being with someone who totally "gets it" as far as what we nurses go through, I can't say that my husband gets it at all! I used to get mad when I would vent to him about my horrible nights thanks to staffing nightmares, crashing pts, whatever while he would stare at me blankly and be like, "uh huh, ok, what are you talking about?" Ha ha. I have learned to vent to my nurse friends who understand. I do like to freak him out with disgusting nurse tales though!
  9. by   J&B-RN
    My husband and I are both nurses actually. I graduated in May and he is an LPN going through his RN year now. We've been together for 4 years and worked hard taking the same classes to get into nursing school together. We ended up getting into different schools which put him a year behind me. But now his school does clinicals at the hospital I work in and he has actually been my student that follows me for the last three weeks. Maybe it's him, and maybe it's me, but we have a blast working and learning together. I love being able to talk about things and having the understanding of what it takes to be a nurse. We love that we can teach each other things. Luckily he is a good nurse, and good person so he keeps my hard headed know it all attitude in line. Actually most of the male nurses that I know seem to be very nice and not big headed at all. We plan to go to CRNA school together and want to continue working in the same hospital together. I think it's the best thing to happen to our relationship. Having the same career field, especially nursing, helps us stay connected and better understand each other. Although I think all relationships depend on the person who you decide to date. As long as your personalities connect your career choice doesn't matter. :kiss :heartbeat
  10. by   RNnightshift
    As long as the romance stays out of the workplace! Currently working with an guy who dated one nurse and when she dumped him started dating another...both on my unit! Back and forth they went dating one and getting dumped, dating the next until the first would get bored and want him back! Caused alot of problems for our unit. Of course management didn't fire any of them! Go figure Right!
  11. by   LiveHigh2012
    absolutely love it! i met my boyfriend as a student nurse intern in the emergency room of the hospital that i work at. he was my "preceptor" for two evenings, and we just hit it off. been together ever since. he's been a nurse for 4 yrs now, and is currently in school for aprn. i am graduating with a bsn in may. he is insanely helpful when i have questions about some pathology or labs, and he helps keep me motivated and gives me insight into the profession with his experience. it's so nice having someone who understands why some days i just want to come home and have a good cry, and others i just don't want to talk about work at all. he gets me on a level that a non-nurse probably couldn't.
  12. by   Loque
    I think dating someone in the same field as yourself can work out pretty well. You gotta admit, people in the healthcare field are dorks. No, I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just that the kinds of jokes we make, the things we say, it can be dorky.

    We all know someone that made a joke with a humerus in their hand.

    And that's why a relationship can work. Both people have similar interests, hopes and fears, and the level of thinking.

    Now, could I have a relationship with someone I see at work AND at home? I'm not so sure, I'd have to try it first.

    I'd probably def need a poker night or something once in a while, and she'd need the girls night thing.
  13. by   whichone'spink
    For me, I want to date someone of similar background and the same faith beliefs. The faith aspect matters more; my parents were of different religions and well, that marriage didn't work out. It would be nice if I could date a nurse