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  1. LiveHigh2012

    Whats your biggest pet peeve working in the ED?

    I've only been in the ED for 9 weeks now, and already I have some major peeves. 1) The 20 yr guy who's triaged into my critical care room for 10/10 abdominal pain (which he apparently medicates with high-dose marijuana by the smell of him). I go in to assess, he's sitting on the edge of the bed playing with the TV controls, refuses to change into a gown, takes the time to tell me how beautiful I am, then as I'm about to pass out from the contact high, he says "So, I um, I didn't wanna say this to that other lady but my stomach's fine, I just got a rash that popped up. You know. Down there. Wanna see?" 2) The family member who repeatedly "forgets" that we asked him to stay in his son's room with him, but instead wanders to the code in the next room to observe the entertainment that the sick/dying pt provided for him. 3) The family member who acts like NS is an essential life-saving magical serum, and is sure to give me a play-by-play on how much fluid is left in the bag, reminding me that they'll need another one soon. Of course, let me leave my Stroke A or my chest pain/SOB to go pop another liter up there for you. 4) The family member who says "wait, can I have one of those for my headache?" as I'm giving his elderly mother her 325 ASA for her apparent MI.
  2. LiveHigh2012

    Very Strange Question

    Change your socks twice a day!
  3. LiveHigh2012

    Got the JOB!

    Thanks everyone! Luv 2- I applied online with my resume and cover letter, brought my letters of rec. and transcript with me to the interview. I interviewed with the nurse recruiter and director of the ED, just kept it light, friendly, and showed my enthusiasm for ED Nursing. Marcos999- I am in Connecticut
  4. LiveHigh2012

    Got the JOB!

    i have been asking questions on this site for what seems like forever, and i just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice thus far because........ i just landed my dream job!!!! im finally going to be a nurse in the emergency room at a level i trauma center!! definitely a bit intimidating but i'm stoked and just wanted to thank you all for helping me get to this point! :redpinkhe:w00t:
  5. LiveHigh2012

    ATI Predictor Test Accuracy?

    YAYYY!!!!! Congrats!
  6. LiveHigh2012

    Emergency Nursing Equipment

    Here's my question- for you experienced nurses, I am planning to begin my career in the emergency room, and I was wondering if you had any pointers as to what equipment would be handy to keep in my pockets for a shift... I'm sure tape and trauma shears are on the list, but are there any tips/tricks/unusual items you can think of? thanks!
  7. LiveHigh2012

    ATI Predictor Test Accuracy?

    thanks for letting me know what you think! I keep hearing that ATI seems to be easier than NCLEX... Good luck, hope its good news for you later today :)
  8. LiveHigh2012

    ATI Predictor Test Accuracy?

    Hey all! I took the ATI NCLEX predictor test this morning, and according to the test I have a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first attempt. I wanted to see if anyone else has taken this exam or something similar and if they did in fact passed NCLEX afterwards? Thanks in advance!
  9. LiveHigh2012

    The student nurse

    it really is a shame that even on this site, nurses and sn's can be so divided. i am a student nurse, and i hope no one is offended by my response on this topic, because i see it from both sides. i dont think any of us can say with definite certainty that it is "always less work" or "always more work" for the nurse when they have a student. in my experience, it is entirely subjective, and all depends on the facility's rules, clinical instructor/university policies, and sn initiative. even in my small clinical group of 8 students, all in a reputable program, i am completely aghast at the complacency, lack of compassion, disrespect, entitlement and downright laziness of some of my "cohort." hearing "im the student nurse, i don't have to do aide work, that's the aide's job" makes me want to punch a wall. i do have hope however, because i know how i am. i will go in and do whatever i can to make the nurses' jobs easier and comfort a patient, regardless of whether the task is "below" my level of experience and trainig or not. we are all in the business of caring for people, and if we dont feel that way, then what in the heck are we doing?? it's frustrating, but i have to say, the heartfelt thanks that i have gotten from patients, nurses, and even physicians whom i help while i am "just" a student nurse is probably the most rewarding feeling i can think of (well.. short of saving a life i suppose...). heartfelt thanks to the nurses that teach happily and the student nurses that help when they can... its the best way to learn and to those arguing on this subject, maybe less sarcasm and a less argumentative tone might help?
  10. LiveHigh2012


    along these lines... there's a great book out there called "choosing civility"... its pretty short, and a very easy/quick read, and basically teaches you how to live happily with other people. the ideas in it help when you're the one getting short-changed on politeness, and really makes you think about how to be the kind of person who everyone appreciates because you treat them well. i actually had to read it for my course about the art of nursing....
  11. LiveHigh2012

    New Grad ER residency/orientation?

    thanks for the info! Ive seen the Scott&White one, Did you sign a contract to stay employed for 2 yrs or are you potentially offered a position after the internship?
  12. LiveHigh2012

    New Grad ER residency/orientation?

    Thanks for the info...and trust me, I know. I spent a summer in an ER Internship and I've seen what you ER nurses are put through. While it's what I want, it is scary- that's why I'm looking for an extensive orientation/internship to help me adapt to it.
  13. LiveHigh2012

    New Grad ER residency/orientation?

    hi all, i am going to be graduating in may 2012 and i am looking for a good graduate nurse residency/internship/orientation to start my career. i am really interested in working in the emergency department, and i am willing to up and move literally anywhere in the u.s. (preferable not new england, i'd like a change of pace) if i find the right program. ive been trying to weed through the mess of programs that i can find, but it's really been difficult finding what i'm looking for. i'm really flexible with location/shift/etc... but i dont want to get stuck with a meager 3 week orientation. anyone know of any good places for a graduate nurse looking to start in er nursing? i'd really appreciate any input :uhoh21:
  14. LiveHigh2012

    Why do articles say nurses are high in demand but in reality it's not?

    mattrnstudent- where are you that there are so many nursing jobs available?
  15. LiveHigh2012

    nurses dating nurses?

    absolutely love it! i met my boyfriend as a student nurse intern in the emergency room of the hospital that i work at. he was my "preceptor" for two evenings, and we just hit it off. been together ever since. he's been a nurse for 4 yrs now, and is currently in school for aprn. i am graduating with a bsn in may. he is insanely helpful when i have questions about some pathology or labs, and he helps keep me motivated and gives me insight into the profession with his experience. it's so nice having someone who understands why some days i just want to come home and have a good cry, and others i just don't want to talk about work at all. he gets me on a level that a non-nurse probably couldn't. :loveya:
  16. LiveHigh2012

    Patient dies after nurse administers pancuronium

    i realize this topic was posted 3 years ago, but about that document that delana_rn posted.... its a legal document, but it clearly states "a 79 month old" man.... more errors....

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