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Life's Ups and Downs

  1. 14 You know how we all complain about the ups and downs of life???? Well I guess it is more about the downs that we complain. We take the ups for granted.....until another down comes along.

    Here is a picture to help us put things in perspective.

    Nurses do not want to see a flat line_________________________________
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    ^LOVE it!! Thanks for the reminder!
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    Hello, I am very new to this. Site and don't really know here to make my posts, only questions on comments so hopefully I am nt being rude in my notation
    Recently I relocated to another State for family reason(s) with no income to support myself now I have become a concern to the family I relocated to assist(hmm ) anyway, I worked as a Nurse aid in the state I reluctly relocated from, and of course I can't work in the new state without registering under the new states licensing
    So my question is: do you know of any nursing agencies that will hire out of state Cna to work as home health aid? Until I am able to obtain current states registry( no I do nt want to transfer my license here, I'm keeping that current in former state in case I leave Atanta)
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    As far as I know, unless you get hired by someone directly for home care or private duty and they are willing to overlook it, no, you need to get your certification transferred to GA.
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    You can always transfer it back again, right? So why not?
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    Lol so true! Have a happy Monday
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    This is so true, thanks for the reminder!
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    Confession: I didn't like that QRS complex (who has ever seen the P and T waves squished up like that anyways?!?), so I re-made the meme so I could share it on facebook with a clear conscience

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