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    Quote from LaylaHendrix23
    When you clock out and then get half way down the hall and ask yourself, "did I clock out?" Then you turn around to go clock out and get halfway back down the hall you realize...oh I did clock out..oops!

    Then when you turn around to walk back down the hall and leave you stop dead in your tracks and ask yourself AGAIN..."did I clock out?" After standing there for a few seconds I finally remembered clocking out and could go home.
    ALL the But I'm already known for wandering the unit looking lost, going to do something then forgetting what I was going to do 5 seconds later, so its nothing out of the ordinary

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    When you choose having to sleep over having sex
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    1. When you wash your body with shampoo and wash your hair with body wash.
    2. When you walk past the time clock and think "did I clock out? I don't care, i'll just write the time I left when I come back."
    3. you walk into the door even though you saw that it was in front of you and say out loud, "where the heck did that door come from?"
    4. your spouse tells you that you kept pressing his forehead and muttering "why won't this @#$$%^ thing stop beeping" while sleeping
    5. you dream you're at work and charting and when you wake up in the dream you're at work and you have been caught sleeping on the job and are gainfully unemployed. Then you wake up all the way and you're in your bed at home, so you've not been fired; just had a terrible night mare.
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    i'm currently on night 8 of 8 (doing 12-hr shifts) and i don't even feel like i can do anything *but* work. i think i've had 4 nights off in the past month, and i never know what to do with myself if i'm off...i end up coming in to work for a couple hours in the middle of the night just to bring my working coworkers food and just hang out. :/
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    1.) You warn people that if they want you to do anything fun with them now that you're off work, they can't let you "just sit down for a minute" or you'll never make it back up!

    2.) You had a dream that you were running around the city you live in with your charge nurse, both of you frantically trying to avoid being late for your shift

    3.) Absolutely NOTHING around you can beep/alarm in any way

    4) You end conversations with people by asking, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    5) You look forward to having an adequate intake/output now that you are away from the madness of the floor =)
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    A co-worker and friend of mine actually came to work with her scrub top on backwards and wearing different shoes on each foot! LOL She said it was because she was working too much.

    Or this gem from one of my non-nurse friends, who wrote something like this to me on Facebook: If you're not buzzing around the hospital like a hummingbird and trying to suck nectar out of your patients' heads, then you haven't been working too many shifts.

    I told her I was nearly at that point, LOL

    Although for me, I've stood by my apartment's elevator and dreaded going in because I thought I was entering the hospital elevator xD

    To be truthful, though, I don't like working more than 3 in a row. I've done 4 in a row before and I thought I'd die by the fourth shift! I also promised myself way back in high school not to over exert myself because I've been there, done that, and it isn't pretty.
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    I was taking a nap on the couch & my husband kept trying to wake me up, so I mumbled something to him about how I'd find his caregiver to help him. Ha ha, it was obviously a long week at the dementia unit for me! I didn't come fully awake until he told me he was sick & running a fever, poor guy. Then I woke up real quick & asked what the temp was, patting my pockets for a nonexistent pen. Sheesh.
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    Quote from RNJill
    1.) You warn people that if they want you to do anything fun with them now that you're off work, they can't let you "just sit down for a minute" or you'll never make it back up!
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    You spend more time in your car then you do at home.
    Your laundry consists mainly of scrubs.
    Your laundry pile is higher than Mt. Everest.
    You find that you cannot sleep because you are always revved up.
    You keep a blanket in your car.

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    When you have to think when someone says "If you say gullible really slow it sounds like ORANGE!" Dang it was a long night.
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