Hilarious maternity nursing sayings/pics - page 2

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    I have never done (and never want to do!) PP/LDRP nursing but i highly enjoyed these!
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    Those were hilarious!

    I passed them on as well.
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    Quote from RN2B123
    Or the one where "in the middle of the night when the nurses are laughing when you ask them a questions" sooo true!
    This one literally made me laugh to the point of tears!
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    Oh boy, these made me crack up so hard to the point I couldn't stop having giggle fits even a few hours after the initial reading.
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    Oh my GOD I love this!!! And god bless you post partum nurses <3 a NICU nurse!!
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    I love how no matter our nursing specialty, we can all relate to this tumblr. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
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