God Helps Me Pee

  1. God has a sense of humor, so I hope this will give Him a chuckle.

    An old man and his daughter go to the Nurse Practitioner for his monthly checkup. During the examination, the Nurse Practitioner asks how his nightly incontinence is.

    "It's fine," says the old man. "I just get up and go to the bathroom, and God turns on the light for me."

    The NP finishes up the examination, and then calls in the daughter to tell her about the God-light thing.

    "Oh, my!" says the daughter. "He's been using the fridge again! I thought that "spilled OJ" looked a little strange."
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  3. by   michellefr
  4. by   sirI
    HAHAHA. Funny.
  5. by   nrsang97
    Yikes. LOL
  6. by   acedit
    yikes, indeed!
  7. by   mvm2
    This is cute . Sometimes moments like this you have to just laugh at it because you don't want to cry.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
  9. by   daisy-mae
    That's a good one.
  10. by   gatornurse2
    Haha!! Good one!
  11. by   OwenKL
    Reminds me of the fellow who came home somewhat inebriated, and told his wife he'd been to a new jazz club that was so ritzy they had gold urinals. The wife didn't believe it, so after hubby was bundled into bed, she called the club to ask for confirmation. "Is it true you have gold urinals?" Before the club manager answered her, she heard him calling to someone in the background, "Hey, Lou, I think I've found who ****** in your saxophone!"
  12. by   OwenKL
    There was a nurse who had just transferred to a new hospital in Texas. During her orientation tour, she quickly became tired of constantly hearing how much bigger everything was in the Lone Star State. Excusing herself to use the restroom, she soon was lost in the new hospital's corridors. Thinking she'd finally found a restroom, she entered the hospital's darkened hydrotherapy pool room. Before she could find a light switch, she tripped and fell into the pool. Spluttering as she surfaced, she began calling out in a panic, "Don't flush it! Don't flush it!"