Funny names

  1. When I heard this person paged at work, I thought it had to be a joke, then later discovered he is one of our peds residents...

    Shane Stokes

    Doubt he'll get many patients whose parents are in the medical profession!
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  3. by   OldORNurse
    I used to work at a hospital that had Dr. Eligator and Dr. Assinassin (actually pronounced a SEN a sen). Here in the Houston area, there is a colorectal surgeon named Butts!
  4. by   Katmanduuu
    OldORNurse....did you happen to work at Memorial Herman Memorial City?? That's where I knew Dr. Butts and Dr. Heine! I'll be darned!
  5. by   aussie oi oi oi
    I used to work with a surgeon who whose name is Dr Hack, I currently work with a Dr whose name is Asif ( as if) the other problem is asif in the arabic language is another word for saying sorry, and I happen to be working in Saudi Arabia, when the pts ask who the dr is, I tell them and they all look very puzzled for minute, trying to work out whether that is the docs name or whether I am saying sorry for not being able to understand them!
  6. by   flashpoint
    There is a doctor in eastern Nebraska named Dr Anis (A-nus).
  7. by   kmaryniak
    How about Dr. Lipschitz? That's a good one, too!
    worked with a cardiac surgeon named Dr Knoe lol his cardiac skills and his name overgrew his reputations.
  9. by   ssssup
    As a child I had surgery done by Dr. Butcher and thought that I would make his perfect maiden name was Kutter.
  10. by   jemb
    Two from my KY days:
    surgeon named Dr. Hemmer and

    drum roll, please...

    obstetritian Dr. Wanamaker. (for real!)
  11. by   Gotalovethekids
    I have heard of a surgeon named Dr Puskas and a dermatologist named Dr Skinner. Who would have ever guessed!

  12. by   imenid37
    there's a gi doc in baltimore called dr.butt, sorry first name is not seymore and a high risk ob (perinatologist) in harrisburg pa called dr. hole.
  13. by   ERNurse752
    OBGYN here named Dr. Box.
  14. by   RN always
    Dentist here named Dr. Pain. HA!