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I once destroyed a patient room within five minutes of starting my shift. It was fortunate that the two ladies who occupied the semi-private room were AA & O and had a sense of humor. You have to... Read More

  1. by   sammi2006
    Last tuesday was my last day of orientation at my new job. I was feeling really confident and basically took over a whole assignment first thing at 6:30. Around 9 I went to check on a patient's ileostomy before he went to therapy. It needed to be emptied so I poured it into the graduate and as I was rinsing it our, some of its contents splashed into my eye! Oh and I forgot to mention that this patient was on isolation precautions for MRSA. Ewww! So I on top of that I ended up missing 3hrs of my last orientation shift while I went to the clinic. I felt like I have gotten off to a crappy start at the new job now lol!
  2. by   dream79
    Omg I haven't laughed this hard in so long!!
  3. by   csiyaoe
    I am loving this board!!!

    I just finished my med-surg 1 clinical this past December, and was so glad to be done with it. On my second week I had a really nice lady, and while I was doing my assessment her Dr had came into the room. I was so nervous and trying to get out of his way, that I forgot the bed side table was behind me with her husband's large cup of fresh coffee. It went crashing to the floor, and went straight for the Dr's shoes! I grab a towel and started wiping the coffee up. I didn't want to disturb him, and started wiping in between his feet. He then started to leave the room, stepped on my hand, almost fell (but luckily he caught his self), and walked out of the room without saying a word. I tried to stay in the pt's room as much as possible, because I was so scared of what might happen if we bumped into each other in the hall.

    I was so embarrassed!
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  4. by   NO50FRANNY
    I once walked a very cute ninety year old couple out to the crowded taxi rank at the front of our ED, you know, to help them into the cab and show some respect and care for my elders. I was helping mrs into the front seat and had my hand in the doorframe of the backseat where grandpa was getting in. Yep, you knew it was coming, he slammed my hand in the car door. The f word escapes without permission at a thousand decibels instantly as I go down like a sack of you know what onto the concrete and promptly pass out. My next vision is of course (while being wheeled into the department on a trolley) my ever so compassionate colleagues "for gods sake wake up".
  5. by   Alka_Selse BSc
    XD OOOoh man, I had a good laugh at a lot of these. I'm going to be a nursing student starting this fall, so this has really helped the anxiety levels. I just know I'll be adding my own silly moments on here when they come around. Many props to the OP!
  6. by   ninja-nurse
    When a brand new nurse, still on orientation. It was about 1 am, and my preceptor has gone to get a snack from the vending machine. So I'm sitting alone at the nurses station, and in walks this 60-something year old man in a stained, faded sweatsuit and sneakers. Walks right into the nurses station and starts scanning the chart rack for charts.

    Now, my new little self, remembering that we're supposed to protect our patient's privacy and family isn't supposed to be able to just go get the charts, stands up and asks - in as polite but firm a tone as I can manage - "Excuse me sir, can I help you with something?" He gets this little grin and this 'Oh, really?' expression on his face.

    You guessed it, right about that time my preceptor comes back around the corner. "Oh, hey Dr. _x_"
    Could the ground PLEASE have swallowed me right about then?
  7. by   cav5
    I love this post!

    I have a few (more, but I want to keep at least some of my pride)

    My very first day on my own in the ICU (just finished my 6 months of internship) and was scared to death. My charge nurse gives me 2 patients-one fairly stable and one just coming out of the OR-new admit. I go up to the OR to collect my patient and am trying really really hard to look competent and like I am not shaking while listening to the OR nurse's report-patient had an abcess and ......... After the report was all done I asked "So, do you think it was infected"? The OR nurse just looked at me with an absolutely horrified look-I was so busy trying to not look scared that I missed the word abcess! Yeah....real nice start!

    The second one I have was when I was working in a large elementary school. We had a 5 year old with a high fever who needed to go home. I called the parents and told them that their child had to be picked up-no problem. However, when the dad got there he looks around the health office and asks where his son is. I pointed to the young man and said right there-Yep, you guessed it, not his son. The teacher had accidentally put the wrong name on the referral slip (there were 2 "Joes" in the class and she wrote the wrong last name down). To make matters worse when we called the real mom the child talked to her and told her he didn't need to be picked up because we "were sending him home with another man".

    The final one was when I called a parent to let them know their child had bumped their head but they were OK and would she like to talk to him before he went back to class. The mother got very quiet and said "my child can't talk". Yep, you guessed it, the wrong last name. Lesson-don't supply the student's last name to the aide who is flustered and upset and assume that she heard you correctly when she says yep to your last name question (refer to item number one on my list).
  8. by   kmarie724
    Quote from Laughtermed
    Back when I was a CNA I had just started a job with a staffing agency. Until this point I had worked with the elderly but now I was being staffed at the local hospital. I was placed for the first time in the post partum unit. I had helped a new mother to the bathroom. There was a cord hanging by the toilet and, from my experiences with the elderly, instructed her to pull it when she was finished. Not five minutes later my beeper, and everybody else's, went off. The nurses are running to my patient's room screaming "hemorrhage!". We all (3 nurses and 2 CNAs) run to the bathroom door and throw it open. The patient looks at all of us with a shocked expression and says "I'm done". Who knew the pull cords would have such different purposes.
    When I had my second baby, my almost 3 year old daughter pulled the emergency cord in the BR when she was visiting at the hospital. I had no idea she had pulled it, so I was sitting there completely dumbfounded when 3 nurses came flying into the room!
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  9. by   amygarside
    Your stories are so amusing!
  10. by   LPNtoRN2014
    Quote from qaqueen
    This may not be my MOST epic fail, but definitely the one that makes me squirm the most!

    Patient was admitted for a priaprism. Nothing in ED had worked (valium), so he was admitted for tx by the uro team. Doc arrives, asks for the supplies he needs and indicates that he does not need assistance as he has his intern with him. Doc comes out of the room, says the situation is resolved, keep the pt overnight to make sure there are no further issues, and leaves.....no problem.

    The pts signifcant other comes out of the room and says there is blood everywhere and could I please get him cleaned up (Doc didnt mention that he made a mess). I grab linens and the CNA and we walk into the room. Sure enough, blood everywhere, pt, hospital gown, all the linens, and the towel that he was holding over his bits.

    As we start to remove the linens from the bed, I realize that the "situation" is NOT "resolved", poor man is fully erect and looking quite uncomfortable. To provide at least a modicum of privacy, I placed a fresh towel over his groin. As he was unable to get out of the bed, we quickly cleaned him up and changed the linens.

    UNFORTUNATELY, as I was reaching across the bed (over the pt) my wrist hit something hard. At first it didnt dawn on me, then I saw his face. I had smacked his fully errect, and quite painful "situation" with my bony wrist.

    If looks could kill, the daggers coming out of his eyes would have done me in for sure.
    Oh wow. Poor you and poor guy!
  11. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from vivalasviejas
    thanks! they didn't call me the "nocturnal stumblebutt" for nothing we won't even talk about the time i slipped and fell twice in the same shift.....in the same room......with the hospital vp as my patient.....
    needless to say, thank you for sharing this article.....right on target as usual...hugs...aloha~
  12. by   blondiestime2
    It was my very first clinical rotation, 2nd semester in nursing school at a nursing home. I was trying to assist a gentleman (named Roger) out of bed. The problem was, everytime I would lift him off of his bed a firm voice would shout very loudly "Get back in bed Roger!!!!!!" I was dumbfounded, the patient couldnt speak and tell me what it was, so I called in the instructor to help. We all were rolling on the floor everytime we tried to lift and this voice would yell at us to get Roger back in bed. Come to find out of course, it was one of those "speaking" bed alarms!!!! I had never even heard of such a thing, I thought I would die laughing everytime I tried to lift and was firmly told by the machine to get Roger back in bed!
  13. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from reptilechick
    it was my very first clinical rotation, 2nd semester in nursing school at a nursing home. i was trying to assist a gentleman (named roger) out of bed. the problem was, everytime i would lift him off of his bed a firm voice would shout very loudly "get back in bed roger!!!!!!" i was dumbfounded, the patient couldnt speak and tell me what it was, so i called in the instructor to help. we all were rolling on the floor everytime we tried to lift and this voice would yell at us to get roger back in bed. come to find out of course, it was one of those "speaking" bed alarms!!!! i had never even heard of such a thing, i thought i would die laughing everytime i tried to lift and was firmly told by the machine to get roger back in bed!