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I once destroyed a patient room within five minutes of starting my shift. It was fortunate that the two ladies who occupied the semi-private room were AA & O and had a sense of humor. You have to know your shift is going to be... Read More

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    Quote from floridanurse1983
    what I call Dansko ankle.
    At my job, we call it the Croc Shuffle.

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    Quote from nursepencil
    this thread made me laugh so hard. how about this: during my pediatric clinical rotations in nursing school, i was assigned to a 2month old baby girl. i went to check on the patient, whose mother and grandmother were sitting next to the crib. i was so nervous that i introduced myself to them, turned around to leave, then accidentally locked myself into their room's closet! i stood there, in the pitch black closet dumbfounded! finally, i built up enough courage to knock the door....and grandma let me out. i was mortified!!!!!!!!
    now this is something that would have happend to me
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    Oh good....glad I'm not the only one who's directionally dyslexic!! There are times when I get turned around and can't find my way out of a paper bag. I went to the same OB for six years and got lost every time I tried to go back to my exam room from the bathroom. Although I have to say I've never blundered into a hospital room closet and gotten myself locked in.....hehehehe. Great story!
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    I unspiked a tube feeding. And the bottle was mostly full. Yeah, soaked my entire outfit. The squishy noise to move my feet just made everyone laugh harder.
    Tried to give stat kayexalate through a peg when a pt's k was 6.9. Didn't go so well as me and the ultrasound tech both got kayexalate all over our scrubs. She looked pretty upset.
    I learned why. Kayexalate stains scrubs, it sorta bleaches em. I owe her a scrub top if I ever see her.
    Apparently me and anything peg-related don't get along.
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    BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Know what you mean about that, Nicki.....funny story!

    I once cracked a joke when I was halfway through a G/tube bolus feeding. BIG mistake. Ever hear the expression "Thar she blows!"? Yup......that's exactly what happened. There was Jevity all over the patient, all over me, all over the bed, which only made her laugh harder (with predictable results). That is some sticky stuff, I tell you, although it's not as bad an "ick" factor as the Kayexalate. Good times!
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    ahhh!! I hate when that happens!!! I cringed reading this because i had a similar experience. I had a pt who just had a bowel resection and had a colostomy placed. He was young, fit and was an extreme athlete so he had a very healthy lifestyle before he was diagnosed with colon CA, so the "disturbed body image" nursing dx was HUGE in this case. Anyway, I asked him if he felt like using the bathroom yet because we like to see a BM as soon as possible after surgery... he looked at me like i was an idiot, then looked at his colostomy. His wife was in the room too, of course, and had a look of "you are a moron" on her face. The pt then said to me, "sure i can try, but i was told the poop now goes in this bag attached to my abs. now" Awesome, i felt like the biggest jerk.
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    Several years ago, we had a patient admitted with a brand new diagnosis of lung cancer with mets to brain and bone. It was extensive, and he only had at best guess a month or so left. Family was having a hard time coping, and they chose to focus on his bowel function as something to feel like they had some control over. (I know, it doesn't sound funny yet...just wait.)

    I volunteered to help the new nurse out with giving him a triple-H enema. She geared up in an isolation gown, gloves, mask, and stepped into trash bags which she then wrapped and taped up to her knees. I gave her trouble about overdoing the protective gear, donned gloves, and helped her get the patient into position and coached her through getting the enema going. He was basically obtunded, and unable to assist, so I told her to be ready to hold his cheeks together to try and keep the water in. So the water is flowing in, starts to squirt out, she smashes his butt cheeks together...with the enema tube still in place...dropping the still 1500 mL full bag of water right on the end of the bed. Plus he probably didn't really need the enema in the first place, as unformed stool started backing up the line and out with the water all over the bed, as we first stare dumbfounded and then start laughing so hard we had other nurses come running. I literally was falling over against the wall and couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. Thank God no family was there.

    Poor guy died the next day, we blamed it all on the enema.
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    Another one, kinda awkward when it happened but made me giggle in retrospect...

    We had a new pulmonolgist start coming to the hospital to replace one who had to drop his workload due to medical reasons. I totally loved the previous pulmonologist, one of those laid back, super sweet, great sense of humor, phenomenal docs that all the nurses send their families to.

    I was standing at my computer at about 0500, with my radio station playing, wrapping up some charting, singing along quietly. I turned and the new pulmo doc was standing there, introduced herself somewhat coldly, and stalked off. It took a few minutes to realize that the song I was singing along to was Sublime...not sure what the title is, but "Smoke Two Joints" is a likely candidate. Yep, she has no sense of humor.
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    HAHAHA!!!! This made me laugh SO hard!
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    The first time I ever gave meds throught a peg-tube, I was so nervous I was shaking like crazy... I ended up spilling the pt's meds all over the floor, the bed, and the pt.... then slipped on the water trying to clean it up... fun times!
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