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Geez, I volunteer @ a hospital where I have seem more than my share of ugly scrubs! Interested to know what's the ugliest you have seen out there. I have 2 that come to mind: (1) NASCAR race cars .. everywhere, ugh! (2) A... Read More

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    I hate low-slung hip-hugger bellbottom scrub pants, especially for women. My school scrubs included them; I wore the men's pants instead.

    One woman at my job has a blue scrub top with cartoons that look like they were draw by a 7-year old. The images include a flag, stick figures, and a school bus. It also has blocks of text, like "Dear God, thank you for keeping my family safe." and "Dear God, please bless my Mom and Dad." I could understand wearing that on a pediatrics ward in a religious hospital, but it doesn't seem appropriate for a nursing home. The dress code states that scrubs cannot have writing on them, so I'm surprised she still wears it.

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    3 Wolf Moon SCRUBS?!?!! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!
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    The scrubs were cute. Really. A pretty pale yellow and a good color for the skintone.

    They were the perfect size... for a five year old!! I cannot fully describe just how bad it was. I'll try... it's been on my mind for some time now and maybe I can finally purge the image from my memories.

    The girls were cemented into place and flattened to the extent that I had to wonder if circulation was impaired. No improper cleavage could show.... maybe if the short sleeves were not similarily constricting they may have peaked out from there to gasp for air, but they were allowed no such opportunity.

    The pants were very fashionable and, unfortunately, a better fit. Upon sitting, the top rode up in an valiant effort to provide for blood flow, and the pants had a low enough waist to have no hope of.... shall we say.... covering the slack.

    The rear view was likewise near indescribable. The thoracic area was tighter then the best made military bed. There was the appearance of a growth above the middle of the shoulderblades as the material fought bravely for a little repreive from the strain. Around the back waist area, there was what I initially believed to be the beginning of the fabric finally giving way but as the shift went on I realized it was the elastic gather- stretched in a manner sure to make a contortionist blush.

    I did my best not to look. I did amuse myself by watching the expressions on the faces of others, but that did not last for long as I was afraid I'd totally lose it. I. Did. Not. Say. A. Word. I eventually avoided eye contact with everyone for the entire shift. At one point I sat down to check something on the computer, glanced over, and didn't make that mistake again. I cleaned, I stocked, I reorganized the rooms.... anything to keep me busy and out of the line of fire. There was no possible way I could address the issue in a manner that could have led to anything close a good outcome or resolution of the situation.

    A few nights later, we had a slow moment and someone tried to bring up the subject. "Hey Rhia, do you like yellow?" No, I do not. Yellow is for caution, and that is all I'll say or hear of that situation. "Awww.... c'mon, didn't you notice..." Nope, I interrupted.... and I'll say STEMI and QUIET five times in a row every fifteen minutes if you persist with this line of questioning. Another said "Now, it couldn't have been that bad!" I sighed. I took a deep breath.
    "Ok, ok, that bad. We'll behave."

    It's been a long time. I am still afraid I'll go to work one day and see those scrubs again.
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    On a CNA at my old job - purple background with Spider-man and Superman print... complete with sound effects eg BOP! ZING! WHAM! ZAP! POW! Pants AND top.
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    During nursing school we had to wear these polyester pepto colored pink uniforms that were either a tunic top that came down over your butt with a skirt of the same color or with the same color pants. We looked HORRIBLE. I have no idea who picked these colors. On the last day of nursing school we had "rip day" where we ripped these horrible things up. I never wanted to look at them again.
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    Quote from llg
    Plain white ... very thin fabric that you can kind'a see through ... revealing too much of the person's underclothes, body hair, and body -- not a pretty sight.
    Hey! You just described our school's scrubs!!! *Less than two months... can't wait to get to wear real scrubs!*
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    Lovely (not) NHS pale blue.

    At least I don't have to launder them myself.....
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    For our school clinical, we have to wear blue pants and white tops. i have a toddler: white is my mortal enemy. There needs to be at least another layer underneath the white top to not expose what shouldn't be exposed, as previously stated in another post. Another student and i have a running joke about this, and wear shirts underneath sometimes that we know will show. He wore a "Punisher" shirt, and i wore a "Spiderman" one underneath one lab day.
    Talking about camo scrubs, i saw someone with the desert camo top AND bottoms on one day. Not a holiday excuse or anything.
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    I saw a tech wear his Army scrub top, with the current camo pattern and with his last name. That was not so bad, even if it was out of place. What gets me is those stupid Betty Boop scrub tops.
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    A nurse on my peds rotation in school had this shiny polyester brown, pink, orange and white floral print scrub top, with a kind of scalloped-looking gathered detail just under the bust. Looked like someone's grandma's couch. Worse, she'd apparently owned it for quite some time, as it was rather a bit too tight in the midsection for her figure. The overall effect was so nauseating that we used to joke about all her patients needing Zofran orders...
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