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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

  1. by   SnowShoeRN
    Quote from beckster_01
    I'm sure this has been mentioned, but over-analyzing every tv show I watch. e.g. I was catching up on NCIS today. On one of the episodes this guy walks into a hospital room, flips open a PCA pump and starts injecting the guy with an entire syringe of morphine. No locks, no alarms, lol. Sure its not a medical show, but really? A little common sense would serve them well...
    This drives me crazy! I mean, come on, how hard would it have been to get a RN in there just to check for accuracy? I drive my friends a little crazy too because anytime I watch anything like that with them I end up going into a tirade about how blatantly ridiculous this or that action, behavior, diagnoses, or treatment is. They have to say to me stuff like, "SnowShoeRN....calm's JUST a show/movie/whatever."
  2. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from SnowShoeRN
    This drives me crazy! I mean, come on, how hard would it have been to get a RN in there just to check for accuracy? I drive my friends a little crazy too because anytime I watch anything like that I end up going into a tirade about how blatantly ridiculous this or that action, behavior, diagnoses, or treatment is.
    Me too. In fact when I was watching Combat Hospital last week that happened in the ER. Nobody even bothered checking the BP or other vitals on a new admit. YIKES!!
  3. by   beckster_01
    I swear, it shouldn't take medical knowledge, just common sense. How else do people assume we gather basic information about a patient's status? And do they really think that we would leave heavy narcotics available for anyone to steal/deliver at will?

    I'm done... /rant
  4. by   Iri5hd4nc3r_RN
    Another vein-checker! I palpate my own veins, my husband's veins, & even check our child's veins sometimes.

    I sign credit card receipts w/ RN after my name frequently.. usually catch myself before signing it on my checks, though.

    I check my LE edema (+1, pitting).

    I often forget to take my vitamins on the days I don't work, because it's my routine to take them on the way to work.

    I sometimes hear call lights/IV pumps/the admit pager/my pager going off, or even the noises made by VS/pulse ox machines once I've gotten home & am trying to sleep.

    I frequently have dreams about work... usually in those 3-4 shifts in a row stretches.

    If someone asks me for a Tylenol/Ibuprofen & I am NOT at work, I have to fight the urge to ask them to state a pain rating from 1 to 10.

    Sometimes I find myself missing my scrub pockets when in civvies.
  5. by   Iri5hd4nc3r_RN
    oh & I also yell at medical shows on TV - or any show with something medical if they do something wrong, especially when people suck at compressions!
  6. by   Iri5hd4nc3r_RN
    okay a few more, then done...

    I was doing "hospital corners" on my bed well before nursing school - probably started in high school actually. I keep thinking I should keep track of my intake (mLs, of course) when I drink from my water pitcher (water bottle). Same with output, trying to guess how much. I keep wanting to swipe my badge on EVERY door - certain rooms are badge access only but not all of them, I keep wanting to swipe it to get in the locker room even though that one doesn't require a badge. When I come home from work & check my bank account or something online, I'll start to use my work sign-on!
  7. by   tcvnurse
    When I am in grocery stores, I am always scoping out the elderly to make sure their gait is steady, and wondering if they start to fall, can I get there in time to lower them to the ground.

    I check out their ecchymosis and try to assess whether it is prednisone skin, or fall related.

    I answer my cell phone, "This is tcvnurse, may I help you?" ( I did home health for six years)

    I always sign RN after my name, just cant help it.

    When my daughter was little she had bad asthma, during one particularly bad episode, I found myself looking around for the suction my living room!

    I answer in military time when stranger ask me what time it is.

    I love looking at veins, and remark to stranger what beautiful veins they have.

    My mom is a nurse so I didnt know there was a way to MAKE a bed without hospital corners.

    I wash my hands, walk through a few rooms at home, then wash them again.
  8. by   beckster_01
    I use saline flushes as eyedrops sometimes
  9. by   NewAggieGrad09
    Quote from beckster_01
    I use saline flushes as eyedrops sometimes
    ME TOO!!!
  10. by   BrandybunsRN
    Quote from pielęgniarka
    I admire veins on people, it's true. Sometimes when my husband and I are sitting around I'll just feel the ones on his arm. He'll tell me to stop because I'm creeping him out. But I would love to start an IV on him. Great veins!!!!
    LOL I've done the same thing many many times.... my husband has some great veins!

    I must admit I sneak peeks at people in public also (usually men!). We have been in the grocery store more than once when I've seen my husband barely glance at a cute girl walking by while I stare and drool at the guy in line behind me while whispering to my husband "...just LOOK at those veins!"
  11. by   RNOTODAY
    when i sleep,i have to be on my left side......
  12. by   RanieRN
    Another one guilty of the "catch myself before signing RN (or worse, RN-evening supervisor)" on kids' permission slips, checks, etc

    Became so fond of my cargo style scrubs, started wearing only cargo style pants at home; and then doing the "pat down" searching for pens, scissors, etc at the store or wherever.

    Depending on how tired I am, there can be up to a five second pause when answering the phone while reorienting myself to if I'm at home or work

    Knock on doors before entering rooms

    Tell the kids "if there's no bones showing or blood gushing, you'll be fine"

    Fell asleep at the dentist's once, and they were so sweet they let me nap for 30 min!
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    Quote from manjaNurse
    When my infant had his routine immunisation injection, I was holding him and explaining to him what the nurse is doing and what will happen next. The nurse looked at me and asked, 'Are you a nurse too? I've never heard any parent explaining an injection'.
    OMG, I did the same thing! It never occurred to me why the office nurse looked at me so weird! I thought every mom explained what was going to happen to their kids :smackingf