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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name RN. Someone ran to aisle... Read More

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    Here's my list:

    1: I am usually checking my "phantom pockets" for my regular nursing supplies (ie: tape, pens, scissors, etc) and then I realize I'm not wearing my scrubs. haha

    2: At my hospital, we sign onto our computer charting by tapping our badges to a sensor attached to the computer... so I did this at school the other day. I reached for where my badge would have been and then realized what I had done... and then I proceeded to log into the computer manually with my work ID. I'm glad no one noticed.

    3: I often catch myself thinking that I need to chart my own BMs

    4: I almost "called a code" on a fellow Anytime Fitness club member who after spending 30 mins on the treadmill seemed to be having an MI. lol (she was fine. lol) Luckily, I was with one of my RN friends so I had backup! haha

    5: I often try to guess my voided output.

    I'm sure there's many more.. lol
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    I work in a locked unit and when I encounter a closed door in real life (at home or an elevator, even) I'll reach up for my badge to scan it open. When I'm really deep in thought I find myself irritated that my badge isn't there and I'll have to call someone to let me in .

    When I am looking at friend's/family member's babies for the first time I find myself giving them as thorough an assessment as I can without a stethoscope. I'm pretty good--often (I hope) people don't realize what I'm doing . I do stop myself before checking femoral pulses, however .

    When I'm rubbing my children's heads (well beyond neonate age) I still find myself absentmindedly trying to assess their fontanels and sutures.

    I find myself avoiding people who look like they might collapse because while I'm pretty good at CPR, I'm not sure how effective my two-thumb method would be on a patient who weighs more than three or four kilos...
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    Just like all of you....guilty as charged.
    I have been caught countless times admiring people veins, and in more than one occasion actually grabing their arm and feeling them........
    I have ran and being the first responder to a couple of k-mart code in aisle 3 or 7..........just to find out that it was a broken ketchup bottle and a defective garden chair.....
    I also pat myself looking for my pen or my keys.........
    I had swiped my Id at the ATM so many times.................
    And needless to say, I also had answered my phone with: thankyou for calling xyz hospital, xyz unit, this is loreta how may I help you????? just go to show that we just don't work as nurses, we ARE nurses
    Talk about nursing is 24/7 LOL!!!!!!!!
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    I have a really hard time restraining myself from asking my real-world friends who've just had babies about: if they had a perineal tear, if their nipples are sore, what their bleeding is like, what the baby's void/stool output is, and I may or may not have assessed a few newborns myself as hikernurse described above.
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    Since I work nights, in order to get appointments into places before they close, I have to call right after I wake up (before I'm really awake). I have had to catch myself multiple times from introducing myself as Franciscangypsy from 3E" when I pick up.
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    I've seen this several times here, but count me in on one who has an urge to document "output" after using the restroom.
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    Eucerin is the best hand lotion I've used, and I put tubes of it in my car and every sink at home that I use, pockets, etc.
    I'd developed seeping cracks in my dry hands, which presents potential sites for incoming and outgoing microorganisms, before I found that stuff It healed those cracks overnight!
    Sorry if my post sounds like an ad, but I'm really impressed by that product, which is labelled as having "intensive healing effects".
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    I just sent in my 2010 taxes (paper version) and realized I signed them kaceface, RN. Hope the IRS needs a laugh!
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    Guilty about the veins

    My husband will not let me talk about medical stuff because I get "too descriptive"

    I work in an ICU that has cameras in every room to help monitor patients as we cannot see every one of them from the desk. I have gotten very used to looking up and seeing my patients. If i transfer to another floor or at home, I find myself freaking out if I don't know what my patients, husband or dog are doing and they are not in the same room with me.

    I am a charge nurse and I have to know everything that is going on - even at home.

    I find myself compelled to stop at the scene of an accident - even if the police and paramedics are there.

    I find myself looking for gloves if i have to clean up food, shower my dog, pick up after my dog, anything to do with dirty etc...
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    I work on an Acute Adult Psych unit that is locked.
    Today after work I caught myself trying to "unlock" the bathroom in my house.
    I then promptly freaked out when I could not find my key (already on the hook) because I thought a patient had gotten a hold of it, or I left it lying out somewhere. *shakes head*

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